Monday, August 15, 2011

Super Shopaholic Saturday~

It started at 12pm and ended at 11pm~

Actually we thought of going out at 930am *thinking that we could avoid the jam if we head to Midvalley*. However, we changed our mind and head to Bangsar instead. Because of certain circumstances, I went out  *from home in Sentul, not Kepong* at 1120am, arrived Gombak around 1140, carpooled with Ewa+Nad and headed to Bangsar Village. We arrived around 12 pm.

The 1st shop we shop was Zara~ Lately I'm addicted to Zara~ I don't know why, but this month alone, I already bought 6 pieces of clothes from Zara~ *I never bought so much from Zara before* This time I bought 4 pieces of top to match the dress I bought before. They were super cheap. One of the pieces was rm69.90, and I got it for rm49.90 *yeah right; cheap* LOL

Then we went to a shop that does threading. Eyebrow threading for my friends~

After satisfied with threading, we went to a boutique that sells handbags, accessories, clothes and shoes. Sometime is the name of the boutique~ The bags were from China *that was what the new sale girl told me*. The prices were affordable. I bought a cute handbag for rm59 and a super cute butterfly belt for rm25. The bag that was meant for me since forever~

After shopping clothes at Zara and handbag+belt at Sometime, we headed to One Utama for a movie. While waiting for the movie to start, we went to Parkson. I bought an electrical appliance, etc. I spent more than rm150 and was entitled a rm10 voucher which expires 21st August 2011. Before heading for the movie, I met my old schoolmate from MRSM Taiping. Rushingly, we went to GSC. We watched Cowboy vs Aliens. The movie was awesome. I so love David Craig+Olivia Wilde~ For me, they're the best couple at the moment *in this movie*.

After that, we headed to Murni SS2. We were a bit late. We ordered Mee King, Dragon something, Kueh Teow Tomyam, Murtabak something and drinks~ They were delicious+tempting+unforgettable iftar~ I also met another classmate of mine while eating. She was late for  iftar, so I gave her a meatball. She was different from last time, but it was fortunate that I recognized her =D

We rushed to Ikea for Maghrib prayer. While window shopping at Ikea, I found a quilt cover+pillow cover for ONLY rm9.90. I bought 3 sets. It was super duper cheap. I can't resist not buying it. So that's how I ended taking 3. I also bought 2 container cover. *If I had more money, I'd buy the whole IKEA things* LOL

I t was a great day of shopping and hanging out with friends. I went to 4 different places in one day~
  • Bangsar Village
  • One Utama 
  • Murni SS2
  • IKEA

Shop till I drop~


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