Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm satisfied when my patients are satisfied~

Being a pharmacist gives me great satisfaction in life.

Day in day out, as a pharmacist in a government clinic from morning to 5pm I'll screen prescriptions, fill in medicines, counter checking, dispense medicine, counseling and etc.

It's the best job ever. I get to communicate with patients and at the same time give advises on diseases, medicines, diet, lifestyle, etc. I'm satisfied when patients understand their diseases and especially their medicine. Most of the time when I dispense, I'll tell most of the things patient should know. Most of their response are;
  • takde orang pon bagitahu sebelum ni *no one told me before*
  • owh ye ke?? *really???*
Recently, I counselled a patient on insulin, and told him a bit on diet and glucose meter monitoring. A week later he came to me *before going to the doctor* and showed me his glucose monitoring book. He was proud that he knew how to take the readings and at the same time he managed to control his glucose readings at a low level. 

Action itself, so long as I'm convinced that it is the right action, gives me satisfaction~


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