Monday, August 8, 2011

Buku Perkhidmatan Pegawai a.k.a Buku Servis

Today, officially for the 1st time in history *I've only been working for 2 years* I get to look at the small cute service book at Human Resource JKWPKL. It was Human resource's 'mesra pelanggan' week. Everybody gets to look at their service book to check for specific information and update personal information.
An example of the book;
however, my book is light blue in color instead of yellow

From this little cute book, I get to know;
  • when I was appointed as a pharmacist in KKM
  • my yearly leave
  • my salary
  • my bonus
  • my personal work information
  • my yearly honors or disciplinary
The book is really informative.


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