Saturday, November 7, 2009

What does my day of Birth says about me????


I did a quiz on fb (I'm totally addicted to fb nowadays... daymnnn) ; What does your day of birth says about you?

I was born on the 1st of February 1985. It was on Friday, the best day of the week. A good day in Islam...

The Result was:

  • Wise and humble. I'm the eldest in my family, so wise is a character that goes with responsibility I had to carry....

  • Inspiring character. I'm not really sure if I had inspired anyone. I am who I am. I love myself so much..

  • Creative bent of mind. I do have a creative mind. I like to think out of the box. We can follow the flow, but in a better way. ~wink~

  • Fun to be with. hmmmm.... If I'm in the mood, I'll be as cheery as a child with an ice cream in hand.

  • Loyal lover. I have never experience love. But I hope I'm a loyal lover...

  • Good looker and great dresser. I wear makeups and dress up to look good. I may not be beautiful, but I try to look good and dress well. This is the disadvantage of not being beautiful and cute.

  • Confident. Sometimes my confident just boost up and I'll be very confident. But in some condition, I'll be as timid as a mouse can be.

  • Center of attention in a crowd. Sometimes, without concius, I'll do something that can cause other people's attention. Sometimes I think that I have a disease known as ADHD... ~wink~

  • Love the finer things of life. Perfecto it is...hehe

  • Caring. I'm a caring person with a great personality. But sometimes I can be very harsh and mean if I don't like something. So please don't make me mad or disappointed..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Photos; I like!!!!!!

Taking photo is a favorite hobby of mine, especially photos of myself.... I don't know why, but I'm addicted to cameras. Most of the event I go to, I'd bring a camera with me to capture the moment.

Photos capture great memories that will last forever if we keep it properly.

Photos tell us different stories. It can be good or bad, happy or sad...

Photos refreshes our memory of the previous event that had happened.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Forensic Examination on the 9th of November 09

Let the countdown begin...

7 days (2nd Nov)

6 days (3rd Nov)

5 days (4th Nov)
4 days (5th Nov)

3 days (6th Nov)

2 days (7th Nov)

1 day (8th Nov)
to the examination day.... ~scary mode~

I've just started reading the book yesterday (I think I managed to read a page or so- the titles on page 2 I think) dayymmmm.....

Today I was in the mood to read a few more pages. My actual aim is to read 1 blue book. (I have to read two books- a blue and a red book). I hope I'll be able to finish the blue book by tonight. Gambatte ne.

How I read the book so far:
  • Reading it while facebooking and Blogging.....
  • Reading it while reading other peoples' blog....
  • Reading it while watching tv....
  • Reading it while hearing repeated songs (Meet me half way, Circus, Whatever U like, Paparazzi)
  • Reading it while chatting through ym....
  • Reading it while sleeping on the couch.... (this is the part where the book actually reads me)
  • Reading it while talking to my housemates....

This just shows what a multitask hardworking person I am. hahaha.. LOL

I really~really hope that I pass this forensic exam with flying colors.

I really~really need to concentrate reading and stop multitasking... ~sigh~

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Graduation Day 2009

A date to remember: 27th October 2009

The big day started at 5.15am as I woke up and got ready. It was very early as even the chickens are not up yet. Mum, dad and I are the only one whom witnessed the moment of glory. 5 seconds of glory on stage I'd say. ~wink~

We departed around 5.40am. The reason we were early is because the journey would take around 45minutes and we also need to pray Subuh. Subuh starts around 5.55am. We stopped at a Surau in Kota Damansara to perform our prayer. It took us around 20 minutes plus getting ready a.k.a wearing make ups and doing mum's scarf. I was late that I need to wear my scarf in the car without a mirror and a dark surrounding. It was try and error. Luckily my scarf was ok, with little default.

We arrived at the car park around 7am. I met a few friends; Najwana, Heryohana, Izzati, Reza, Fahmi, Nor Azra, Nadia, Syafiq, etc. From the car park we went to the hall by bus. I met more friends outside the hall; Gladys, Nurah, Hidayah, Shakila, Shaza, Mahirah, Manar, Jat, Muja, Farhan, etc. Everyone was getting ready for the big event. We were adjusting our robes and graduating hats.

I was very happy meeting my friends after a few months being apart. I had a big laugh with Gladys. I was telling her: something was missing when I looked at the picture I took a few seconds ago; blusher on my cheeks. She said nothing changed in me....

We had to queue up according to our numbers given before entering the hall. It was a long line of students. Luckily my course was in front. We also had to wear a mask and sanitize our hands prior to entering the convocation hall. It was a happy moment. We were happy seeing each other. While queueing, we took a lot of photos together.

After 6 years of hard work and study, the fame last for 5 seconds on stage. Everything happened so fast. The first second I was lining up with friends behind the stage, and the next second I was walking very fast towards Tan Sri, held my hand out, took the 'cert file' and walked down the stage. I don't know what happened, but it happened so fast. Thinking back, I wonder a few things; why was I walking very fast as if I was trying to catch a plane; why didn't I take my time smiling at the camera? I paid a lot for the photographers to actually take my photo on stage. I'm not sure how the photo turn out to be.

The event finished around 12 noon. I went to meet my parents. I was very hungry as I didn't take my breakfast before. I was lucky that my father was ok to wait for a few hours so that I can meet a few friends to take pictures, give them presents and return my robe.

It was a happy day with 5 seconds of glory on stage.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Which Car?

My dream car would be a red Ferrari... It would be only a dream to drive a ferrari. The price is expensive like hell. I'd never would afford one. Even dreaming of driving a ferrari cost a lot. A dream like this will always be a dream.

I wanted to buy a car. I asked my parents' point of view. This is what they said:
DAD: Buy a second hand car. It is cheaper and you don't have to pay a high interest rate for car loans. It would be a waste to actually pay rm75k for a rm50k... Well this happens if you actually get a 4% loan interest and paying in a long period of time, a.k.a 9 years.
MUM: Buy a standard car a.k.a something simple and doesn't stand out on the road. Something simple that guys won't find intimidated being near you. Something that doesn't shout "Mariam is a high maintenance girl who has high standards when choosing a guy". Something simple like Myvi...

Well, guess what, after a deep thought (so deep that my brain nearly exploded) I choose to either buy Mitsubishi lancer or Honda city. If I wanted to buy a car, I might as well buy what suits my soul.... (Sporty and classy) Thinking of what my mum said (guys won't approach high standard girls), it doesn't make sense to my situation. It doesn't make any difference whether I drive a simple nor a classy car, If guys doesn't like me, then they won't regardless of what type of car I drive. Daymmmm..

So, my aim right now is to save money for the downpayment....

Mitsubishi Lancer or Honda City, HERE I COME!!!!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kuku @ Nails

Dikatakan bahawa menyimpan sebatang jari kuku yang panjang, dosanya sama seperti memelihara sekandang babi, jika kesemua jejari kita menyimpan kuku yang panjang.... bayangkanlah dosa yang telah kita tanggung untuk kesemua babi-babi tersebut..... potonglah kuku anda.

The Truth
Jangan ada niat simpan kuku panjang, walaupun hanya 1 mm atau pun hanya jari kelingking. Bagi orang Islam adalah tidak sesuai berkuku panjang atas apa alasan sekalipun kerana ia tidak membayangkan kesucian dan ia jugabukan budaya kita apatah lagi menggunakan tangan untuk beristinjak. Orang Melayu yang berkuku panjang biasanya mempunyai anak yang bodoh atau pun degil dan suka melepak sebab diberi makan bahan kotor yang berada di kuku jari emaknya semasa menyediakan makanan seperti memerah santan kelapa, buat cokodok pisang, uli tepong, dll. Apa ilmu pun yang di ajar pun tak akan boleh diterima masuk ke dalam kepala.

Pasal tabiat berkuku panjang inilah yang membuatkan orang Melayu mundur dan tidak berjaya. Syarikat Melayu yang bangkrap dan rugi teruk adalah kerana mempunyai pekerja dan pemilik yang berkuku panjang . Untuk yang bujang beringatlah. Kalau hendak cari pasangan dan mahu anak yang pandai dan mendengar kata pilihlah wanita atau lelaki yang sentiasa berkuku pendek... Insya-Allah.

Additional info
Kuku panjang mempunyai sejenis kuman seperti yang terdapat dalam najis manusia, iaitu E-Coli.Kuman tersebut tidak akan hilang walaupun kita mencuci tangan dengan sabun. Oleh itu, sentiasalah berkuku pendek untuk kesihatan dan kebersihan diri sendiri.Nasihat Nabi Muhammad Saw. kepada Saidina Ali rhu. sesudah bernikah dengan Siti Fatimah iaitu anakanda kesayangan , Nabi Muhammad Saw.. berpesan kepada Saidina Ali iaitu kalau memakai cincin pakailah di jari:
1] jari manis
2] jari kelingking (anak jari) dan
jangan memakai pada jari:
1] jari tengah
2] jari telunjuk
Nabi Muhammad saw. melarang kerana memakai cincin pada jari telunjuk dan jari tengah adalah meniru cara berhias kaum yang dilaknat oleh Allah iaitu kaum yang derhaka di zaman Nabi Lut a.s. Perhatian : Cara memakai cincin adalah termasuk lelaki atau pun perempuan. p/s: saudara dan saudari, sila nasihatkan kawan-kawan dan juga saudara- mara ataupun anak-anak tentang kaedah yang betul untuk berhias di dalam syariat Islam, kalau tidak sia-sia saja kita mendapat laknat dari Allah Swt. Nabi saw. memakai cincin dan kalau kita memakai cincin dengan niat mengikut sunnah Nabi saw. senang je kita dapat kita pahala.

In Life, Nothing Is Enough

In life, nothing is enough.
The more we get, the more we want it.
We must be greatful with what we have.
What we have is actually more than sufficient.
We are actually luckier than some people out there.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Easy to SAY, Difficult to FOLLOW

In life, we hear different types of advice from all walks of life on different issues. Most of the advices we hear seems easy to follow. However, in real life it's difficult to follow.
Every advice seems to be perfect.

  • Do this, avoid that.

  • Follow this, ignore that.

  • Just follow etc2....

Whatever we do has a lot of pros and cons. What other people do good doesn't mean it is good for us. It may or may not suit our soul and life. This is what life is about. Everyone has their own path.

Live life to the fullest..

Friday, October 16, 2009


This month is a great month for me as I got my new netbook and a broadband.

It cost a lot to be connected to the cyber world. As I gave my old laptop to my brother, I bought a new one with my salary. Asus Eee PC is awesome. It's friendly user and so far no trouble occured. It's small, shiny, and compatible.

I had to get through a lot of things to be connected. From KLCC to Times Sq.....

I guess the big fat yellow man has followed me to the 12th floor of my aprtment....
He will follow meeeee..........

Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm so happy that one of my cousin is already married. It happened in a blink of an eye.
It just seems like yesterday they were boyfriends and girlfriends and now they are married couples. They are very cute together.

Last Saturday was a very happy day for my uncle and aunty as their eldest daughter is safely married to her man of choice. The "akad nikah"was smooth. Everyone is happy. The reception was happening. Everything went well.... Alhamdulillah

I envy them so bad. I keep on thinking, when will my turn come? I hope soon.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Favorite Number

Today I did a quiz in facebook (there are a lot of quizzes to do in fb, it kills precious time doing them) on my lucky number and aura. Well, the result is 6....

I love number 6. It sure is my lucky number most of the time. I love the number since I was in primary school. I remembered doing a school project where there is a number on my front cover of my folio. 666 was the number. Since then, number 6 became my favorite.

It's a coincidence that I've been studying in UiTM for 6years...

6 countries I want to visit: Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom

6 foods I like: Laksa, Tom Yam, Nasi Ayam, Steak, Cakes, Laksam

6 cars I like: Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Harrier, Honda City, Toyota Vios, BMW, Mercedes

6 movies I liked so far: Harry Potter, Transformers, Hannah Montana the movie, Ice Age, Night at the Museum, Benjamin button

I guess since I liked the number 6, everywhere I go I tend to see the number more. This is nothing serious. It's just part of my life. In future I'm not sure if the number 6 will still be my favorite.

p/s: I do like number 3 as well...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is me...

I did a quiz on Facebook "What your birth month says about you" and these are the results I got..... Actually, as I've been living for nearly 25 years, of course I have all the characters as mentioned below. What do you expect? duh!

* Abstract thoughts
* Loves reality and abstract
* Intelligent and clever
* Changing personality

* Temperamental

* Quiet, shy and humble

* Honest and loyal

* Determined to reach goals

* Loves freedom

* Rebellious when restricted

* Loves aggressiveness

* Too sensitive and easily hurt

* Showing anger easily

* Dislike unnecessary things

* Loves making friends but rarely shows it

* Daring and stubborn

* Ambitious

* Realizng dreams and hopes

* Sharp
* Loves entertainment and leisure

* Romantic on the inside not outside

* Superstitious and ludicrous

* Spendthrift

* Learns to show emotions

There are many more characters that is not mentioned here. Anyway, to make it short, I'm flexible and loves myself the way I am.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Dilemma

To stay or to leave.
To move in or to move out.
To obey or to disobey.
To follow my needs or to follow what others say.
To respect or to disrespect.

I just hope I know what to do and make my decisions as soon as possible.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting ready for a job

It is only a few days left before I report myself to the new job. I'm very excited about going to work. This would be my first job in life. Before this, during the holidays, my permanent job is babysitting my siblings at home. I get paid according to what my previous' maid salary. I remembered my salary 6 years ago. It was rm350. now my salary per month is rm600. It's enough for a moderate single lady like me.

There are a few things I'm concern about (besides the knowledge) before getting started. Among them are:
  1. The way I look at work.
  2. The image I'd portrait.
  3. My attitude at work.
  4. My communication skills with my co-workers.
  5. My behavior around my new colleagues.
I hope that my image, attitude and behavior is appropriate from the beginning till the end.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Assalam Mu'alaikum Wbrth!!!.... . Bacalah dan Renungkanlah. ...

Kisah Farhan (Kisah Perjalanannya Masuk Islam)

Nama saya Farhan Bin Abdullah. Nama asal saya sewaktu beragama Kristian ialah Johanis. Saya dilahirkan di bumi Sabah dalam keluarga Kristian.. Bapa saya seorang KETUA PADERI yang menjaga 15 buah gereja di satu kawasan di Sabah .

Saya dilatih oleh bapa saya untuk menjadi seorang paderi. Sejak mula PBS bawah Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitinggan usaha kami mendapat sokongan penuh negeri! kumpulan saya masuk ke kampong dalam berbagai program. Selalunya program khidmat masyarakat. Pihak gereja selalunya membekalkan wang tunai sekitar RM50,000!!!

Berbagai aturcara dibuat untuk membantu orang kampong. Kami ziarah rumah ke rumah.. Tanya masalah mereka dan bantu mereka. Berbagai masalah diluahkan. Ada kami bantu dengan duit secara spontan. Ada kami hantar keperluan harian, pakaian dan buku sekolah dan sebagainya.

Dengan cara ini kami mendekati mereka. Hasilnya dengan beberapa kali kunjungan susulan, kami berjaya mengkristiankan mereka. Paling berbaloi kami mengkristian remaja Islam, tambah berbaloi dari kalangan intelek.. Hasilnya kami dapat RM3,000 setiap seorang Islam yang dimurtadkan! Bayangkan pendapatan saya ketika masih dialam Persekolahan. Sewaktu Tingkatan 3 saya dan beberapa rakan mengambil m/pelajaran Agama Islam yang boleh dipilih dengan lukisan(betapa hinanya m/pelajaran ini setanding dengan lukisan). Saya mendapat A-3. Sewaktu tingkatan 4 saya belajar di sekolah asrama penuh. Saya terus ambil pelajaran Agama Islam.

Tujuan saya untuk tahu mengenai Islam dan memudahkan saya menyebarkan agama kristian. Saya mempunyai beberapa soalan yang saya kira tidak mampu dihuraikan oleh orang Islam.

Pada suatu hari sewaktu tingkatan Enam bawah, saya bersemuka dengan Ustaz yang mengajar saya(saya panggil cikgu)... "cikgu saya ada beberapa soalan, tapi saya rasa tak sesuai dikelas ini, boleh ke saya ke rumah cikgu..." Ustaz itu bersedia. Lalu saya bersama beberapa rakan ke rumah ustaz itu.

Saya katakan "cikgu saya mahu berdialog secara ilmiah, bukan atas nama islam, agama cikgu dan bukan atas nama Kristian,agama saya". saya kemukakan beberapa persoalan, antaranya;-

  1. Mengapa orang Islam sembah Kaabah
  2. Sebenarnya semua agama sama sahaja. Nasrani, Yahudi, Kristian dan Islam adalah agama langit.
  3. Mengapa diakhir zaman, Nabi Isa akan turun bersama Iman Mahadi membebaskan kezaliman dan kekacauan dan bukannya Nabi Muhammad.
  4. Mengapa dalam sejarah dan hingga kini orang Islam suka peperangan.
  5. Injil sekarang dikatakan diseleweng. Kalau begitu mana yang asalnya.

Yang menghairankan ustaz ini dapat menjawab pertanyaan saya dan kawan-
kawan dengan begitu ilmiah. Saya dan kawan -kawan mati akal.

Kemudian saya dibebani dengan 3 persoalan yang tidak mampu saya menjawab secara tepat.

  1. Apakah boleh manusia(paderi) mengampunkan dosa manusia lain.
  2. Persoalan ketuhanan 3 dalam 1 dan 1 dalam 3
  3. konsep ketuhanan Jesus.

Saya mengatur pertemuan ustaz saya dengan beberapa orang paderi, kawan-kawan bapa saya. tetapi mereka enggan. Lalu saya bawa ustaz itu ke rumah saya dan bertemu bapa saya seorang ketua paderi. Ternyata bapa saya juga tidak mampu
menjawab persoalan yang dibawa oleh ustaz itu.

Sebaik ustaz itu pulang, bapa saya memarahi saya kerana bawa 'orang malaya' datang ke rumah.

Sejak itu beberapa kali saya tidur rumah ustaz itu. Disamping mengulangkaji saya gemar berdialog dengan ustaz itu. saya memerhatikan kehidupan ustaz tu, saya mengagumi cara hidupnya.

Suatu malam saya bermimpi didatangi 3 orang berjubah.. Seorang berjubah hitam membawa salib. Seorang
berjubah putih membawa bendera bertulisan jawi. Dan seorang berjubah hijau yang meminta saya membuat pilihan.

Yang berjubah hitam dan berjubah putih saling menarik saya mengikuti mereka. Saya meronta-ronta. Disamping itu saya dapati yang berjubah hitam semakin tengelam dan yang berjubah putih semakin tinggi. Sedang saya meronta-ronta, saya terjaga.

Saya mendengar suara azan dan ustaz tadi berada ditepi saya dan berkata, "mengapa Johanis..... .awak mengigau.... .. "

Saya pegang tangan ustaz itu, saya katakan,"Cikgu Islamkan saya........ .".Ustaz itu minta saya bersabar untuk dia uruskan dengan pihak tertentu. Tidak lama selepas itu saya pun di Islamkan oleh Ustaz itu..

Selesai pengIslaman saya, saya pulang ke rumah. Sampai di rumah, saya lihat pakaian saya bertabur diluar rumah. Rupanya bapa saya telah tahu!

Sebaik melihat saya, bapa bergegas masuk dan keluar semula dengan mengacu senapang ke arah saya. Tiba-tiba emak menerkam dan peluru senapang meletup keatas.

Saya segera meninggalkan rumah sehelai sepinggang. Tinggalkan keluarga saya. Tinggalkan sekolah. Saya bersembunyi sekejap rumah ustaz sebelum saya dibawa oleh ustaz pulang ke semenanjung sebaik habis kontrak mengajar di Sabah .

Saya diserahkan kepada PERKIM di Kuala Lumpur . Secara kebetulan rakan saya Nazri,vokalis kumpulan Raihan juga memeluk Islam, tetapi mengikuti kumpulan Ar-Arqam. 2 lagu dalam album pertama kumpulan Raihan adalah saduran lagu koir yang kami nyanyikan dalam gereja sewaktu di Sabah dulu..

6 tahun saya di PERKIM. Saya masuk pula Maahad Tahfiz. Alhamdulillah! Saya dapat sijil Al-Hafiz selepas 3 tahun. Kemudian saya bekerja dengan Jabatan Agama Islam.. Saya banyak masuk kawasan di Negeri Sembilan, Melaka dan Pahang.

Tak sampai setahun saya letak jawatan. Saya sedih kerana ramai pendakwah ini nak berdakwah pun merungut duit over time. Saya rasa tiada keiklasan.. Biarlah saya jadi pendakwah bebas.

Saya ingin membilas dosa lalu. Saya telah ramai memurtadkan orang...kini saya mahu berjuang untuk mengIslamkan seramai mungkin dengan Kualiti bukan Kuantiti saja!

Berbalik kisah keluarga saya. Selepas meninggalkan rumah dan belajar di PERKIM saya selalu telefon ayah, emak dan adik beradik saya. Saya katakan jangan bencikan saya. Saya sayang ayah. saya sayang emak. saya sayang adik beradik saya. Ayah dan emak tetap ayah emak saya dunia dan akhirat.

Walaupun ayah menyambut dingin suara saya, saya hantarkan buku-buku yang sesuai menerangkan tentang Islam. 7 tahun saya telefon. 7 tahun saya hantar surat dan buku-buku. saya menangis kerana rindukan ayah, emak dan adik beradik. Akhirnya, sewaktu saya di Maahad Tahfiz, bagaikan halilintar saya mendapat berita...... ... Ayah saya menganut Agama Islam!

Allah saja yang tahu perasaan saya ketika itu. Saya menangis dan menangis. Saya ambil wuduk dan sujud syukur. Air mata saya menjadi terlalu murah....saya terus menangis.... saya pejamkan mata.......saya bayangkan ayah dihadapan... saya peluk erat tubuh ayah dan kami menangis bersama..... ...Ya Allah betapa agungnya kekuasaanMu.

Peristiwa yang saya alami sewaktu memeluk Islam turut dirasai oleh ayah saya. Dia dihalau dari rumah yang diberi oleh pihak gereja.

Kini saya pendakwah bebas. Saya sedih melihat umat Islam hari ini berpecah. Kita berpecah kerana kita meninggalkan Quran dan Sunnah Rasul. Kita ambil sebahagian dan kita tinggalkan sebahagian.

Kita ambil contoh pelaksanaan hukum Hudud dan Qisas. Mengapa kita cari jalan nak menentang pelaksanaanya? Sepatutnya kita cari jalan supaya dapat dilaksanakan. Inilah sikap umat Islam.

Saya pernah berdialog dengan beberapa orang pensyarah universiti tentang isu Hudud & Qisas. Dia boleh sergah saya, "You apa tahu... Islampun baru setahun jagung...... "

Saya sedih dengan sergahan pensyarah itu.. Kalau ini sikap pendakwah... ...Saya tak akan masuk Islam. Tapi saya pilih Islam kerana saya tahu Apa itu Islam!!! Kerana itu saya ajak menghayati Islam.

Saya kumpulkan semula kawan-kawan masa Kristian dulu. Saya berdialog tentang Islam. Saya kumpulkan derma untuk tujuan dakwah ini, untuk bergerak perlukan wang. Saya diancam oleh puak Kristian. saya juga diancam oleh umat Islam!!!

Apa tauliah awak , mana kebenaran Jabatan Agama, mana permit polis, sapa benarkan pungut derma dll. Saya tak gentar berdialog dengan puak Kristian, kerana saya ada pengalaman tapi sukarnya bila Umat Islam sendiri menyulitkan saya.

Marilah kita awasi dakyah Kristian. Satu usaha yang agak ketara ialah Di IPT. Pendakyah ini mendekati kaum muslimah, pura-pura belajar Islam.....jatuh cinta....lalu dimurtadkan. .

Saya sudah pergi banyak IPT. Saya paling bimbang di Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) !!! Itulah satu-satunya Universiti yang ada gereja. Gereja ini antara yang aktif untuk memurtadkan orang Islam!!!

Saya nak nasihatkan kalau ada saudara kita terminum 'Holly Water'.

Sebenarnya air ini dibuat di Vatican City . Dijampi oleh paderi termasuk Pope John Paul yang jemput Perdana Menteri kita dulu. KALAU TERMINUM, cari air kolah dari 3 masjid. Baca Al-Fatihah 1x, Yasin 1x, 3 Qul 1x, dan Selawat. Ambil
sebahagian buat minum dan sebahagian buat mandi.

InsyaAllah mereka akan sedar dan dapat diselamatkan. insyaAllah!! !

Demi islam....Demi agama yang tercinta...insyaAll ah...


I Lost 4kgs....

A few weeks ago I did my medical check-up at Pusat Kesihatan (PK) UiTM in Shah Alam. I wanted to be there early, so I departed from home at 6.40 am. It was still dark. I took the KTM straight from Kepong to Shah Alam. Usually, I'll stop at KL Central and take a bus to Shah Alam. I arrived in Shah Alam around 8.15 am and took a taxi to the PK. I was lucky that morning because the taxi driver only charged me rm6 (usually the cost from the KTM to section 2 is RM5 and from section2 to the UiTM compound is another rm3).

registered at the counter and the nurse told me to fill in some forms and pay the fees at another counter. The medical check up went on smoothly. First I did my urine test, then x-ray, then my teeth, and lastly my overall body check up. It finished around 10.30 am. What really surprised me during the check up was at the weight session. Usually I'd maintain my weight at this certain digit. However, that day the digit shows a different number. The value has decrease about 4kgs. I was a bit shocked and unhappy. My previous weight is already underweight and losing 4kgs meant that I'm way underweight.

All my friends would add up some weight when they're staying home. Unfortunately for me, I lose weight. After doing a lot of thinking, I knew why I lost my weight:
  1. I ate less~ that is so obvious as I did other things that I forgot to eat
  2. I surf the internet for long hours and skipped my meals~ I played games in fb which includes sorority life, farm buddy, farm town, restaurant city, pet society and etc.
  3. Usually I cook for my family ~by the time I've finish cooking, I'd be full
  4. I babysit my siblings ~usually they're my first priority, by the time I lost my appetite
  5. I woke up late ~ I missed my important meal of the day; BREAKFAST
  6. My mom cooks healthy dishes ~ less fat dishes.
Right now I try to eat more and complain less. I want my weight to increase to the previous weight so that I won't look unhealthy and less attractive. I want a healthy figure and a healthy look.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hospital Perubatan Kebangsaan Malaysia (finally)

Today was an amazing day. I woke early, had my breakfast, did my chore, went to the post office, babysit my siblings, heard a great news from the KKM and now I'm blogging.

I went to the post office at Jusco Prima to mail the cloth textiles I bought at Masjed Jamek to a tailor in Kelantan. Most of the tailors in KL are full. I asked many of my friends but they say that at this time of the year, the tailors have already closed the orders. They would open new orders after Eid. I still don't get it, Eid is a month away and the orders are already closed. Anyway, I found the taylor's service in the internet (that's the beauty of google). The price is cheaper and they'll post the clothes after I pay the charge. I'm satisfied with it, as long as my clothes are ready before Eid.

Today, after I received a text message from my friend, I called the KKM. I received good news that I'll be posted at Hospital Perubatan Kebangsaan Malaysia. I'll be there for a year to do my PRP. I really can't wait!!!

Most of my friends called the KKM and they got places in Kedah, Perlis, Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Selangor, KL, Pahang, Sabah, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, BPFK and etc. We are all very excited after 3 months of waiting.

All the best to all of us! Work, here we are!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things TO DO before going to work.......

Yesterday, a friend called the KKM. He asked when we'll be posting to the hospitals to start our Provisional Registered Pharmacy (PRP). They said that the UiTM and UIA students will start working on 1st of August. However, the letters are not ready yet. I guess most of us will work near our home as the letters will be posted a bit later (we won't be able to be prepared if we were to work elsewhere a.k.a Sabah@Sarawak). Unless the letters are given to us by this week.

I'm really excited to start working after 6 years of study. I hope I'll excel where ever I work. To be an excellent employee, there are certain things I need to do, especially to refresh my memory after more or less of 3 months holidays....

  1. Stop playing Restaurant City, Sorority Life, Farm Town & other games on facebook.
  2. Make a daily schedule to optimize my revision.
  3. Make a to do list so that I'll be on track.
  4. Take out all the important text books & notes that needs to be revised.
  5. Browse all the topics I need to know.
  6. Read the notes according to the topics 1 by 1.
  7. Make small notes of what I've read.
  8. Ask for HELP if I don't understand.
I hope I'll be able to do all these things before 1st of August. Wish me Luck!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A long day yesterday =D

After subuh, I took a nap then had my breakfast. I had nasi lemak and milo ice. It was delicious. No words can describe the taste especially when you're hungry.

My day started with accompanying my mum to the market at Selayang. It's sort of a weekly routine going to the market. We went there around 9.30am. My mum wanted to go there a bit later so that she could buy things at a cheaper price (which is true). It took us about 15 minutes to reach the market. Even though it was nearly 10.00am, there are still a lot of people there.There are a few stalls that's already closed. My mum bought chickens (which she got rm5.50per kg, usually it's rm5.80@ rm6.00), fish and a vegetable (~petai~). I don't know what time we came back. ~Time flies~

After I took a bath and wore my clothes, I put my make up on. Eventhough I'm only going out with my siblings, looking good is a must. It took me about half an hour to get ready. I don't understand why I took a long time to dress up. It's a disease I need to cure.hehe....

We took the train to Bank Negara and walked to Jln Masjed Jamek..... It was a bit tiring at first but after looking at all the clothes, cloth and scarfs, I felt rejunevated. There are a lot of things to choose from. The streets are colourful and happening. You can enter from one shop to the other without worrying about the doors, this place is welcoming.

From my previous experience, it's wise to browse from one shop to the other. Sometimes the shopkeeper tend to put some things at a high price whereas you can get the same thing cheaper at another shop. Furthermore, you have to have a good bargain skill. This helps you get things you want at a good price. However, certain things are at a nett price. These things are off the bargain shelf. What afflicts me is that I'm not sure if the price of what I bought@wanted to buy is reasonable. It's not about being affordable or not, but it's about the value of the things being sold here.

My sisters and I bought cloth textiles from a few shops. They are beautiful. This year's Eid theme is pink and blue. I already have a pink Baju kurung, so I bought blue cloth textiles so that a friend of my mum can sew them. There are many choices to pick, but as my budget is only rm50, I only chose the cheaper ones. My sisters bought themselves one pair each.

We got back home at 3.30pm. I was so exhausted. However, the exhaustion is worth it, as I got what I want. ~happy sigh!~

Then I sent my brother to his tuition class at my Aunt's in Kota Damansara. While waiting for my brother, I went to my uncle's house in the same area. We got back home around 7.00pm. It was a bit tiring. After Maghrib, my brother and I went to the barber to cut his hair. It took about 20 minutes. We got back home and I prayed Isya'. After a few minutes of facebook, I went to sleep. I slept early yesterday (around 10.00pm).

It was a long, happy and satisfying day!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Friday, 12pm... It's a date to remember for my blog page.. After a few months, I finally created a blog. Actually I wanted to create this blog months ago but I didn't know how to do it... A few minutes ago, after reading Dulce Candy's blog, I had the nerve to create my own.

I'm not really sure what the contents are gonna be, but I hope it'll be simple but interesting. Mind you, my grammar and vocabulary are not so good, so ignore the mistakes as long as you know what I post.

Have fun reading! Well, I'm not sure when I'll start the first post in this blog...hmmmm