Sunday, November 1, 2009

Forensic Examination on the 9th of November 09

Let the countdown begin...

7 days (2nd Nov)

6 days (3rd Nov)

5 days (4th Nov)
4 days (5th Nov)

3 days (6th Nov)

2 days (7th Nov)

1 day (8th Nov)
to the examination day.... ~scary mode~

I've just started reading the book yesterday (I think I managed to read a page or so- the titles on page 2 I think) dayymmmm.....

Today I was in the mood to read a few more pages. My actual aim is to read 1 blue book. (I have to read two books- a blue and a red book). I hope I'll be able to finish the blue book by tonight. Gambatte ne.

How I read the book so far:
  • Reading it while facebooking and Blogging.....
  • Reading it while reading other peoples' blog....
  • Reading it while watching tv....
  • Reading it while hearing repeated songs (Meet me half way, Circus, Whatever U like, Paparazzi)
  • Reading it while chatting through ym....
  • Reading it while sleeping on the couch.... (this is the part where the book actually reads me)
  • Reading it while talking to my housemates....

This just shows what a multitask hardworking person I am. hahaha.. LOL

I really~really hope that I pass this forensic exam with flying colors.

I really~really need to concentrate reading and stop multitasking... ~sigh~

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