Sunday, February 26, 2012

Abseiling at Sg Pisang

Date: 18th February 2012
Day: Saturday
Time: 1pm-6pm
Venue: Sg Pisang waterfall, Selangor
Friends: mostly KOHM members and a friend of KOHM member~

Abseiling is controlled descent down a rock face using a rope; in lay man's term, walking down vertically on the wall of a waterfall with a help of ropes guided by your hands' & arms' strength which is attached to your body. It's a safe activity as long as the guide prioritize safety in tying the ropes together to a tree.

The height of the waterfall at Sg Pisang is about 20 meters high. It's a short distance abseiling track. Abseiling is less than 10 minutes time unless you're scared of height and walks at a slow pace. The best part of abseiling is when you walk below the waterfall. You get to feel the cool water on your body and face. 

I was so enthusiastic with abseiling that I did it twice. The first time was with a guide and the second time with a KOHM friend.

Abseiling is an activity you should try if you're wondering how cat women crawls down the high building.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Parasailing in Langkawi Island

Venue: Pantai Chenang, Langkawi
Date: 5th February
Friends: k.Awie & her hubby

Parasailing is also known as parascending where I was towed behind a boat while attached to a canopy wing/ parachute (also known as parasailwing). It was the best feeling ever feeling the wind on my face. It feels like I'm flying.

At first, k.Awie n I went to the beach for a quick swim. Then it occurred to us that we wanted to try parasailing. However, as it was already 7pm, we decided to just go there and ask the price. We walked for nearly 500 meters along the beach to the abseiling spot.

At first we were reluctant, but then we asked a guy for the price. It was way cheap less than rm100. Previously when a.Suhaimi read a blog, it was rm120. We were so excited that we agreed to try parasailing even though it was nearly Maghrib. 

It's a very easy task from the beginning till the end.  Even landing was like jumping from a low staircase. They said that I landed like a police parachute.

The view from top was breathtaking. Everything looks small and beautiful. It's like I'm the live google. I can see everything from a high angle. It is something that everyone should try.

Parasailing is like flying like Superman (minus the underwear outside)~


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Langkawi Island

Date: 3-6 February 2012
Day: Friday- Monday
Venue: UKM Bangi- Langkawi- Padang Besar
Participants: Mostly UKM Bangi Health staffs

 It was such a great trip. This is my 4th time going to Langkawi. 

  1. The first time was a school trip when I was in SMK Badlishah.
  2. The second time was with my family. I remembered going to Makam Mahsuri, Telaga Tujuh, Museum etc. 
  3. The third time was with my great uni friends. We went snorkeling at Pulau Payar and shopping. It was an awesome trip.
  4. So, this was my forth trip.
This journey started at 10pm from UKM Bangi. We arrived around 8am at Kuala Perlis Jetty. We had our breakfast and waited for our ferry. Around 10am we departed from Kuala Perlis Jetty to Langkawi via Coral Island. We arrived around 12pm. After lunch at a cheap and delicious restaurant a.k.a stall, we headed for KILIM Geopark. It was a short ride on a boat around the geopark. We were able to see amazing eagles, fishes etc. Last but not least, we went sightseeing at a cave.

A boat ride


On the next day, Sunday 5th Feb, we went on a cable car ride up to the top of Gunung Mencincang. This was my first ride up. It was exciting. The view is breathtaking. The air is fresh and cool. I love it!!

Myself, Busu, k.Awie, k.Eqin, Azie

This picture was taken in the morning before our trip to Gunung Mencincang

The team members
The last day of the trip, we went shopping at Padang Besar. I bought the necessaries including ikan bilis and fruits.

It's not the destination that matters most, however the way the trip is.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Goodbye Orkid

Moving in and out of rental rooms becomes a routine thing for me. I've been renting a few places already since I started working in 2009.

Two days ago I'm officially not a resident in Menara Orkid, Sentul. I've been staying there for only 6 happy months. The house was spacious and homey. It had everything I need from entertainment to everyday needs. It was a second home for me after Kepong. I loved staying there.

Moving out was a tough decision for me. If I had the choice, I would't make this difficult choice. I loved staying there. However, due to certain unavoidable reasons, I had to move out.

It was a great place to stay with good friends!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

I LOVE Books

Reading is the best food for MIND.
Among the books I bought

A few weeks ago I managed to buy a few books from Borders and Popular bookstore. I went there with my brother as he had a few B1Malaysia vouchers. I took the opportunity to shop, even though I didn't have any particular book to buy in mind. 
I love her Shopaholic series~
Now I'm trying out her new books~

I think I have a disease of getting excited whenever I get to shop. My mind and body becomes active and happy when the word SHOP pops in. Actually, in my mind, I thought that Rm200 is not enough. If only I did get a bigger amount to spend.
I wanted to be a business women in future~
Bear in mind, Tom Hopkins is one of the best writer...

You are What You READ!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Langkawi Island

Langkawi is a heaven of Cheap Chocolates..

These are the only chocolates I managed to buy..
There are 4 things worth buying in Langkawi due to its duty free price.
  1. Cars *super cheap compared to the prices offered in other places in Semenanjung Malaysia*
  2. Cigarette *you can only take out 2 cartons per person from Langkawi* 
  3. Chocolates *Chocolates are super cheap here, you can compare the prices at your place* 
  4. Liquor *I don't drink*
2 hours of chocolate shopping with a few cents in purse, I only bought a few kinds of chocolate that I like.

6's for RM10.90

A packet for RM 14.40

Kinder Bueno packs of 3 for RM6.90

Each bottle of Beryl's cost RM16.90

Delicious Nougat 250g for RM21.90 & 100g for RM9.50

Hershey's Nuggets RM 11.50, Harshey's bar cost RM8.50 & RM10.90

Each bar of Cadbury cost RM7.90

Each bottle of Nutella cost RM10.90
This was my fourth time going to Langkawi. Each time I went there, I did different activities and I went there with different people. Now I know why most people love travelling there. Cheap CHOCOLATES!!!

If you're a chocolate addict, Langkawi is the best place to buy cheap chocolates.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life is Amazing even when you're Miserable...

Misery is an acute disease. It comes when you least expect it....

Yes. I felt so miserable yesterday morning, especially on my birthday. I felt old and lonely. I felt misery as I'm getting older and haven't achieve anything great in life except for certain things. What made me miserable most is that I'm not even married yet. I'm still single and I'm getting older by year. I don't want to die alone. I want to die having children who can pray  for me when I'm the graveyard. I envy my friends who are married with cute little children or friends who are one step closer to being a wife. I always wonder when is the time for me. 

However, even though I was feeling a bit miserable, I went to a seminar on business. The whole day seminar made me forget my misery. I learnt a lot of things. The twist and turns in business. Eventually, it turned out to be that there are many other people who's in the business can turn their misery into spirit and effort that doesn't only change their life but also their family's life. 

*He's only 17 with 7 siblings. His mother works as a cleaner (more or less 600 a month) and his father works as a contract worker with less that a thousand a month. He wanted to change his family's life. So when his teacher promoted this business to him, he saw the good opportunity and grabbed it. He didn't have a capital for the business as his family is poor. So what he did was, he collected empty tins etc and sold them. After collecting enough capital, he worked hard with the aim of helping his parents. He didn't have a car, so how did he go to the preview? He cycled 5 kilometer to get there. All his work and effort for 4 months is worth as now was able to buy his dad a Myvi and himself a Satria Neo. That was 4 months ago. Now he's only 18 and continuing to make his parents proud*

In the end of the day, I felt happy and enthusiastic. It seems that my life is better off compared to certain people. Even though I'm still single, I still have my family and friends. I really need to polish my iman and become a better Muslim....

Part of My beloved Family

A devout Muslim women have never felt lonely, because the presence of Allah swt is closer than her veins~


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Age Is Just a Number

Today is my Birthday~

As a caliph of Allah swt, and an ummah of Rasulullah saw, I hope to be a better Muslim in future. InsyaAllah~

Time flies. I remembered 1st February 2011, I bought a cake for my mum and dad to appreciate their deeds all this while. However it's not just about the cake, it's about how we show our appreciation to our parents. This year, InsyaAllah I'l be doing more or less the same thing.

I love my parents
*hugs & kisses*

Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.