Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life is Amazing even when you're Miserable...

Misery is an acute disease. It comes when you least expect it....

Yes. I felt so miserable yesterday morning, especially on my birthday. I felt old and lonely. I felt misery as I'm getting older and haven't achieve anything great in life except for certain things. What made me miserable most is that I'm not even married yet. I'm still single and I'm getting older by year. I don't want to die alone. I want to die having children who can pray  for me when I'm the graveyard. I envy my friends who are married with cute little children or friends who are one step closer to being a wife. I always wonder when is the time for me. 

However, even though I was feeling a bit miserable, I went to a seminar on business. The whole day seminar made me forget my misery. I learnt a lot of things. The twist and turns in business. Eventually, it turned out to be that there are many other people who's in the business can turn their misery into spirit and effort that doesn't only change their life but also their family's life. 

*He's only 17 with 7 siblings. His mother works as a cleaner (more or less 600 a month) and his father works as a contract worker with less that a thousand a month. He wanted to change his family's life. So when his teacher promoted this business to him, he saw the good opportunity and grabbed it. He didn't have a capital for the business as his family is poor. So what he did was, he collected empty tins etc and sold them. After collecting enough capital, he worked hard with the aim of helping his parents. He didn't have a car, so how did he go to the preview? He cycled 5 kilometer to get there. All his work and effort for 4 months is worth as now was able to buy his dad a Myvi and himself a Satria Neo. That was 4 months ago. Now he's only 18 and continuing to make his parents proud*

In the end of the day, I felt happy and enthusiastic. It seems that my life is better off compared to certain people. Even though I'm still single, I still have my family and friends. I really need to polish my iman and become a better Muslim....

Part of My beloved Family

A devout Muslim women have never felt lonely, because the presence of Allah swt is closer than her veins~


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