Sunday, February 26, 2012

Abseiling at Sg Pisang

Date: 18th February 2012
Day: Saturday
Time: 1pm-6pm
Venue: Sg Pisang waterfall, Selangor
Friends: mostly KOHM members and a friend of KOHM member~

Abseiling is controlled descent down a rock face using a rope; in lay man's term, walking down vertically on the wall of a waterfall with a help of ropes guided by your hands' & arms' strength which is attached to your body. It's a safe activity as long as the guide prioritize safety in tying the ropes together to a tree.

The height of the waterfall at Sg Pisang is about 20 meters high. It's a short distance abseiling track. Abseiling is less than 10 minutes time unless you're scared of height and walks at a slow pace. The best part of abseiling is when you walk below the waterfall. You get to feel the cool water on your body and face. 

I was so enthusiastic with abseiling that I did it twice. The first time was with a guide and the second time with a KOHM friend.

Abseiling is an activity you should try if you're wondering how cat women crawls down the high building.


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