Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Langkawi Island

Langkawi is a heaven of Cheap Chocolates..

These are the only chocolates I managed to buy..
There are 4 things worth buying in Langkawi due to its duty free price.
  1. Cars *super cheap compared to the prices offered in other places in Semenanjung Malaysia*
  2. Cigarette *you can only take out 2 cartons per person from Langkawi* 
  3. Chocolates *Chocolates are super cheap here, you can compare the prices at your place* 
  4. Liquor *I don't drink*
2 hours of chocolate shopping with a few cents in purse, I only bought a few kinds of chocolate that I like.

6's for RM10.90

A packet for RM 14.40

Kinder Bueno packs of 3 for RM6.90

Each bottle of Beryl's cost RM16.90

Delicious Nougat 250g for RM21.90 & 100g for RM9.50

Hershey's Nuggets RM 11.50, Harshey's bar cost RM8.50 & RM10.90

Each bar of Cadbury cost RM7.90

Each bottle of Nutella cost RM10.90
This was my fourth time going to Langkawi. Each time I went there, I did different activities and I went there with different people. Now I know why most people love travelling there. Cheap CHOCOLATES!!!

If you're a chocolate addict, Langkawi is the best place to buy cheap chocolates.


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