Sunday, April 22, 2012

What to bring for Camping Activities

Camping is one of the outdoor activities I like lately. It's fun and adventurous. You get to sleep on the hard ground with a chill surrounding in a small space tent. This is not an everyday feeling you get. So it's fun.


Pantai Morib

Rimba Kenong

Gunung Berembun, Gunung Perdah, Gunung Jasar

Gunung Bujang Melaka


Each and every time I'm going for camp, I'll have problems packing up my things. I really don't know what to bring. So in this entry I'll note down a few important things to bring. This will be a guide for me each time I'll be packing.

Here goes the list of things:
  1. Toiletries *tooth brush, tooth paste, wet tissue, soap, shampoo*
  2. Shirts
  3. Trousers/Tracksuit
  4. Undies
  5. Scarfs
  6. Sweater
  7. Sandal
  8. Sports shoes
  9. Headlamp
  10. Gloves
  11. Foods/sweets
  12. Sleeping bag
  13. Ground pads
  14. Emergency aid
Happy Camping!!


Rimba Kenong National Park, Kuala Lipis (Part 2)

On the Second day of the trip, we did abseiling and caving. Enjoy these photos....

This is our tent.
2 loong tents built for us.

Looking  at the photos taken by Megat..
On our way to Gua Buta.

Myself, Husni, The Guide and Tommy.

The green nature~

Cave entrance


Posing below a tunnel.

The first group entering the cave that day.

Going under.

The cave's exit


While waiting for the others to come~

The forest as a background~

We rock!!
After exploring the cave, we did abseiling. I sort of have acrophobia (afraid of heights), so going down wasn't much fun.. There is only one thing in mind doing abseiling, I want to go down fast. I don't care how breathtaking the view was from on top. I was a bit nervous but I managed to safely reach the ground. *feeling relief*

Someone going down.

Epul abseiling
The activity ended around 2pm. We got ready, ate lunch and pack our bags and belonging.

Holding the groundsheet.



Model of the year~ LOL

We stopped for a while..
Photo time..

Around 5pm we arrived Bandar Baru Lipis. We stopped for ABC and drinks.


 The journey home from Rimba Kenong National Park took us about 6 hours. From 3.45pm to 11pm. It was a long tired journey. I slept throughout the journey from around 7pm. We arrived  Bandar Tasik Selatan around 11. I went straight home as I was super tired.

It was a great experience to be able to ride a 4x4 off road. Next time, if possible, I'd like to drive a 4x4 wd myself. I hope that'll be a dream come true.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Rimba Kenong National Park, Kuala Lipis (Part 1)

Date: 14-15th April 2012
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Duration: 2 days & 1 night
Venue: Kenong Rimba Park, Kuala Lipis, Pahang
Participants: ORA and Kay Adventures

This was my 1st time riding a 4x4wd off road. It was one great experience I'll cherish. It would be better if I had the chance to be behind the steering wheels. The journey started around 9am (even though in the tentative we should of departed at 8am) from ORA office. There were more than 8 4wheel drive.

We stopped for tea at a restaurant near Kem Tentera

Entering the forest

Myself, Tuty and Nadia

Stuck in the mud

Finally we arrived the Rimba Kenong Park around 5pm. It was an adventurous journey.

The Park had all the basic facilities such as surau, toilets, etc. There are also a few chalets but it looks a bit ruined.

After bringing all our belongings to the camp site, we set the camp and made dinner. We ate around 8pm, blew some birthday candles, did an ice breaking session which was fun knowing and making new friends at the same time. After the ice breaking session, everyone is tired so everyone got ready for bed. I slept around 12am.
Our camp site area

 The next morning, after breakfast we assemble for abseiling briefing. We were divided into 2 groups. A group doing abseiling first then caving. I was in the group that did caving first, then abseiling.

Guides giving us information on abseiling

It was worth it. The caving was great. It was an interesting experience....

This entry ends ends here. More photos in Rimba Kenong National Park (Part 2) in the next entry

Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Day at Gold Coast Morib, Selangor~

Date: 6th-8th April 2012
Day: Friday-Sunday
Duration: 3 days and 2 nights
Venue: Gold Coast Morib
Participants: HUKM Pharmacy staffs and family members =D

We departed from PPUKM around 3.30pm. The journey took around 2hours as we arrived Gold Coast Morib at 5.30pm. After checking in, we prayed Asar. The room was spacious with two single beds, a television, kettle, cups, a fridge etc. The best thing about this hotel is that it has a Jacuzzi for 2!! I really love the jacuzzi. staying there for 3 days, I bath in the jacuzzi for 5 times. It was awesome!! 

Hot bubble jacuzzi for 2

On Saturday, Azie and k.Long had to attend a full day Pharmacy course, so I stayed in my room, being a babysitter. I had to babysit 5 children. They were good, so it was easy taking care of them. The first thing I did was to let them bath in the jacuzzi. After jacuzzi, I fed them with biscuits, tea and maggi. They are 5 happy full children.

Sending Azie for the Pharmacy course~

In the afternoon, just before lunch, I took them to the beach. They played around with the sands and two of them picked up shells from the beach. They also wrote and draw things on the sand. In the end we played ting ting *I can't remember the games' name*. I won the game *big grin*.

5 Happy children

Ting ting *I guess*

ATV by the beach

The Venue by the beach

On Sunday, after breakfast we played games by the beach. It was fun and happening. Even though my group lost, I had the best time with friends.

Happiness comes from the heart, not our surroundings...