Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Day at Gold Coast Morib, Selangor~

Date: 6th-8th April 2012
Day: Friday-Sunday
Duration: 3 days and 2 nights
Venue: Gold Coast Morib
Participants: HUKM Pharmacy staffs and family members =D

We departed from PPUKM around 3.30pm. The journey took around 2hours as we arrived Gold Coast Morib at 5.30pm. After checking in, we prayed Asar. The room was spacious with two single beds, a television, kettle, cups, a fridge etc. The best thing about this hotel is that it has a Jacuzzi for 2!! I really love the jacuzzi. staying there for 3 days, I bath in the jacuzzi for 5 times. It was awesome!! 

Hot bubble jacuzzi for 2

On Saturday, Azie and k.Long had to attend a full day Pharmacy course, so I stayed in my room, being a babysitter. I had to babysit 5 children. They were good, so it was easy taking care of them. The first thing I did was to let them bath in the jacuzzi. After jacuzzi, I fed them with biscuits, tea and maggi. They are 5 happy full children.

Sending Azie for the Pharmacy course~

In the afternoon, just before lunch, I took them to the beach. They played around with the sands and two of them picked up shells from the beach. They also wrote and draw things on the sand. In the end we played ting ting *I can't remember the games' name*. I won the game *big grin*.

5 Happy children

Ting ting *I guess*

ATV by the beach

The Venue by the beach

On Sunday, after breakfast we played games by the beach. It was fun and happening. Even though my group lost, I had the best time with friends.

Happiness comes from the heart, not our surroundings...


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