Thursday, April 5, 2012

Alina's a.k.a Elly's Wedding!!!

Majlis Berinai: Thursday, 29th March 2012
Right after work, I drove to Nani's house as Ewa invited me for dinner. Nani's daughter is so cute and adorable. I want one like her. Nani is so lucky having a cute chubby adorable baby girl. *I didn't have a photo of us, as I'm still tan from Tioman Island. Any photos taken at that time will look horrible*
Around 9pm Ewa and I departed from Nani's house to Elly's. When we arrived, she wasn't at home. So we drove to her Nikah's venue. After an hour or so, we went back to Elly's place for henna ceremony which involves a few of her friends including myself.

It ended around 2am. That night Ewa and I slept around 3am. *don't ask at what time we woke up*

Majlis Nikah: Friday, 30th March 2012
After getting ready, around 11am we headed for KL Sentral to pick up Ayu, Nad and Izzati. Then we headed to IKEA for lunch. It's meatball IKEA time!!! After luch, we went to The Curve for its restrooms and my friends bought a scarf. 

Then we headed to Elly's house as akad nikah will start around 3.30pm. After getting ready whatsoever, we headed for the surau around 3.30pm. So, "dengan sekali lafaz, Alina sah menjadi isteri Apez!!!"

The beautiful Pelamin~

After taking like a thousand photos, we headed to One Utama for The Hunger Games. 

Wedding Reception: Saturday, 31st March 2012
The big day arrives!!
Before heading for Elly's reception, we went to Ampang Park for Tutti Frutti. It was super delicious!!! Tutti Frutti for lunch!! Marvelous!!

 Then around 12.30 Yana joined us to go to the reception. It was a happening reception. The food is delicious, the decorations are marvelous, the bride is beautiful. Everything is perfect.

Elly and her big smile happy smile =D

The Hantaran~

After the reception, we headed to The Curve for tea and hang out. We walked through the busy flee market to look for cute stuff. However, I didn't buy anything. Then we hang out at The Gardens for a drink.

The Gardens

 I headed home early as I had other obligations with my family. I t was one of my best weekends with friends.


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