Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rimba Kenong National Park, Kuala Lipis (Part 2)

On the Second day of the trip, we did abseiling and caving. Enjoy these photos....

This is our tent.
2 loong tents built for us.

Looking  at the photos taken by Megat..
On our way to Gua Buta.

Myself, Husni, The Guide and Tommy.

The green nature~

Cave entrance


Posing below a tunnel.

The first group entering the cave that day.

Going under.

The cave's exit


While waiting for the others to come~

The forest as a background~

We rock!!
After exploring the cave, we did abseiling. I sort of have acrophobia (afraid of heights), so going down wasn't much fun.. There is only one thing in mind doing abseiling, I want to go down fast. I don't care how breathtaking the view was from on top. I was a bit nervous but I managed to safely reach the ground. *feeling relief*

Someone going down.

Epul abseiling
The activity ended around 2pm. We got ready, ate lunch and pack our bags and belonging.

Holding the groundsheet.



Model of the year~ LOL

We stopped for a while..
Photo time..

Around 5pm we arrived Bandar Baru Lipis. We stopped for ABC and drinks.


 The journey home from Rimba Kenong National Park took us about 6 hours. From 3.45pm to 11pm. It was a long tired journey. I slept throughout the journey from around 7pm. We arrived  Bandar Tasik Selatan around 11. I went straight home as I was super tired.

It was a great experience to be able to ride a 4x4 off road. Next time, if possible, I'd like to drive a 4x4 wd myself. I hope that'll be a dream come true.


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