Monday, April 9, 2012

School Prefect~

Today, on Flyfm a caller lied about how he became a prefect at school. He told his friends the he was special where as in truth, he cried to his mom; then she talked to the teachers and that's how he became a prefect. Being a school prefect is most of the student's ambition/dream. It used to be my dream which wasn't fulfilled throughout the school years.

What is a prefect? What's their role? Why students are so eager to become one? 
Well, a prefect is a person who has given limited authority over other students in school. They are student leaders with superior power. They actually monitors and sees to it that rules of the school are abide by students. Most prefect chosen by school authorities are intelligent students. Mostly are handsome and beautiful students. Prefect also wears a nice blue school uniform compared to a white one worn by average student. 

I remembered when I was in standard 5, I asked a prefect teacher to choose me to become a school prefect. *Yes!!! I had the guts to do such thing* I think I did it because I was so eager to become a prefect and my mum also wanted me to become a school prefect. So, being an obedient child, I did what mum asked me to. Unfortunately, the teacher said something about there are enough prefect in school. However when a beautiful girl with a very fair skin (which happens to be a lawyer's daughter) came from KL, he chose her. I hate that teacher since. I think he chose her with his d*ck, not his brain. duuhhhh~

The aura of a prefect~

It was a great thing that I wasn't a prefect. I don't have to do all the extra work and monitoring etc. I was good in sports and brilliant in studies. I don't have to be a prefect to get 5A's in UPSR and being one of the best student in school. *I was among 5 students who got 5A's in school. And I'm the only student who wasn't a prefect*

Previously I thought being a prefect is the best thing ever in life. However, in reality, I don't have to become a prefect to excel in life.


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