Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cool Uncle

Today a very warm--hearted uncle came to the pharmacy to take his meds. It's been a while he came. Last time he came with a friend of his and he tried to match me with his friend's son.

While waiting for his medication, he came to the counter and told me he had an eye operation. He said something about his eyes being replaced with a dog's eye and in future he'll be replacing his other eye with a cat's eye. I didn't believe a thing he said.

Then he told me that recently he went to Philippine for a vacation. In Philippine, a beautiful girl cheated him. She said a horse ride was 20peso. However after about 15 minutes ride, the guy who was in-charge told him it was 2000peso. He said he only had 400peso with him and paid everything he had. He said he met the beautiful girl again and told her what happened. Luckily she paid his ride back to the hotel.

After dispensing his meds, before going home he made a suggestion that I should come with him on a vacation so that he wouldn't be cheated again next time. That suggestion is so hilarious. How can that slip in his mind?

Day in, day out, its fun to have patients who shares their life experience over the counter.



11 . 10 . 11
Today is all about updating my Blog~

I'm not sure what to update nor how to update this blog. It's been 3 years now since I first started blogging a.k.a writing nonsense. It seems that the only thing that is updated is nonsense content that I wanted to share.

Other people's blog that I read are amazing with a lot of interesting features. I hope someday that my blog will be as interesting as others.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seorang Makcik yg Sangat Sempoi

Jam 7p.m...

Hari ni masa balik dari Conference NADI, dalam lif kat Menara Orkid ni terserempak dengan seorang makcik umur dalam 50-an. Banyak juga la barang yang dia bawa. Dalam lif ada juga la seorang mamat tegap yang baru balik gym kot. Sedang lif bergerak, tetiba makcik tu tegur:

Makcik: Baru balik dari IKEA ke?
Myself: Tak la. Beg je IKEA. Tapi bukan dari sana.
Makcik: Owh ye ke. Ingatkan dari sana. Makcik suka barang-barang IKEA. Barang IKEA 'TEGAP'
Myself: *rolling eyes sambil pandang mamat tegap dan makcik tu. {nasib baik mamat tegap tu berdiri depan kitorg}*
mamat tegap tu sempat pandang makcik tu...
Myself: Tegap?
Makcik: Haah, tegap. Tahan lama... *sambil pandang mamat tegap*

LOL~ I didn't know there was such word to describe a furniture. Tegap is a word that means sturdy, robust which is used to describe a guy's body. Like "badan yang tegap". 

It seems that not only young girls are amazed by sturdy muscled guys. Even an aging woman are amazed by them.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friends vs Events+Places

Sometimes it's not the place or events that we look forward to, but
It's our friends that we look forward to meet and have fun with.

Even when we're so damn tired and restless, when our friend calls for a movie etc, we'll be so excited and energize for them. That's what I experience most of the time. Even thinking about it makes me happy.

A recent event was yesterday. I actually wasn't that eager to go to the wedding, but I was eager to meet my friends from HUKM. They're many of my many great friends. Even when I got lost and nearly gave up, thinking about meeting them boost my moods. In the end, it was all worth the effort.

Actually, the place of an event doesn't matter as long as you're with great friends to enjoy the moment. Our company of great friends makes the place a better place to visit or stay.

Great friends makes a place good and events memorable.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Odyssey October

October is the month I've been looking forward to since September..

There'll be a lot of thing I had to go to and do this month..

On the eve of October I went for movies with Ewa, we watched Abduction and Bini-biniku Gangster (BBG). Both stories are good, best of all,  BBG is hilarious. A good malay movie to watch. On our way back, we went to McD, stayed for 5 minutes and went home. 
At the New food court OU
Ewa posing with a chopstick

In the afternoon, I went to a friend's wedding at Dewan Sivik MBPJ. I got lost going to the wedding. Instead of taking 30 minutes, it took me nearly an hour drive from FRIM. I nearly gave up, but I didn't as I wanted to meet my friends from HUKM. Luckily, I arrived and was able to eat with some other friends (pharmacist).

A Friend's wedding
Coincidently I met Farah!!!
It's not the wedding I'm looking forward to.
It's my friends that I wanted to meet.

K.Long and I~
Our doorgift~
Happy faces~

So, this month's coming activity would be:
  • TOT Smoking Cessation Course at Concorde Inn, KLIA, Sepang on the 4th and 5th Oct
  • NADI Conference at Sunway Spa Hotel, PJ from 5th-9th Oct
  • Pharmacist Conference on the 15th and 16th Oct
  • I'm on leave for Singapore from 17th to 19th Oct *yippie yeay!!!*
  • Unknown Course on the 24th and 25th Oct
  • Working at a methadone clinic on the 29th Oct
October is a productive and fun month for me. I hope everything goes on smoothly as planned.