Saturday, October 1, 2011

Odyssey October

October is the month I've been looking forward to since September..

There'll be a lot of thing I had to go to and do this month..

On the eve of October I went for movies with Ewa, we watched Abduction and Bini-biniku Gangster (BBG). Both stories are good, best of all,  BBG is hilarious. A good malay movie to watch. On our way back, we went to McD, stayed for 5 minutes and went home. 
At the New food court OU
Ewa posing with a chopstick

In the afternoon, I went to a friend's wedding at Dewan Sivik MBPJ. I got lost going to the wedding. Instead of taking 30 minutes, it took me nearly an hour drive from FRIM. I nearly gave up, but I didn't as I wanted to meet my friends from HUKM. Luckily, I arrived and was able to eat with some other friends (pharmacist).

A Friend's wedding
Coincidently I met Farah!!!
It's not the wedding I'm looking forward to.
It's my friends that I wanted to meet.

K.Long and I~
Our doorgift~
Happy faces~

So, this month's coming activity would be:
  • TOT Smoking Cessation Course at Concorde Inn, KLIA, Sepang on the 4th and 5th Oct
  • NADI Conference at Sunway Spa Hotel, PJ from 5th-9th Oct
  • Pharmacist Conference on the 15th and 16th Oct
  • I'm on leave for Singapore from 17th to 19th Oct *yippie yeay!!!*
  • Unknown Course on the 24th and 25th Oct
  • Working at a methadone clinic on the 29th Oct
October is a productive and fun month for me. I hope everything goes on smoothly as planned.


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