Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friends vs Events+Places

Sometimes it's not the place or events that we look forward to, but
It's our friends that we look forward to meet and have fun with.

Even when we're so damn tired and restless, when our friend calls for a movie etc, we'll be so excited and energize for them. That's what I experience most of the time. Even thinking about it makes me happy.

A recent event was yesterday. I actually wasn't that eager to go to the wedding, but I was eager to meet my friends from HUKM. They're many of my many great friends. Even when I got lost and nearly gave up, thinking about meeting them boost my moods. In the end, it was all worth the effort.

Actually, the place of an event doesn't matter as long as you're with great friends to enjoy the moment. Our company of great friends makes the place a better place to visit or stay.

Great friends makes a place good and events memorable.


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