Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cool Uncle

Today a very warm--hearted uncle came to the pharmacy to take his meds. It's been a while he came. Last time he came with a friend of his and he tried to match me with his friend's son.

While waiting for his medication, he came to the counter and told me he had an eye operation. He said something about his eyes being replaced with a dog's eye and in future he'll be replacing his other eye with a cat's eye. I didn't believe a thing he said.

Then he told me that recently he went to Philippine for a vacation. In Philippine, a beautiful girl cheated him. She said a horse ride was 20peso. However after about 15 minutes ride, the guy who was in-charge told him it was 2000peso. He said he only had 400peso with him and paid everything he had. He said he met the beautiful girl again and told her what happened. Luckily she paid his ride back to the hotel.

After dispensing his meds, before going home he made a suggestion that I should come with him on a vacation so that he wouldn't be cheated again next time. That suggestion is so hilarious. How can that slip in his mind?

Day in, day out, its fun to have patients who shares their life experience over the counter.


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