Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Babies and Children are just so Adorable

Lately, I'm obsessed with babies and toddlers. They are so adorable. They're sweet, cute, chubby, laughable.... They're just adorable. I love them.

It seems that the babies love me too. *as long as they're well fed and comfortable*

Here are some photos I've taken with the little ones~

Posing with Baby Azam 

Baby Azam~

Adorable girl~

cute dimple girl~

I love her dimple!!!

The Adorable girl from Nisa's house

Baby Putri Aisyah Humaira

Umar & Amalina

Umar & Adam

Umar comel~

Baby Aniq & Wan 

Baby Aniq

Baby Aisha

Ewa, Baby Sumayya, my mum, K. Amni
Baby Sumayya crying~

Baby Sumayya

Baby Sumayya

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