Saturday, February 11, 2012

I LOVE Books

Reading is the best food for MIND.
Among the books I bought

A few weeks ago I managed to buy a few books from Borders and Popular bookstore. I went there with my brother as he had a few B1Malaysia vouchers. I took the opportunity to shop, even though I didn't have any particular book to buy in mind. 
I love her Shopaholic series~
Now I'm trying out her new books~

I think I have a disease of getting excited whenever I get to shop. My mind and body becomes active and happy when the word SHOP pops in. Actually, in my mind, I thought that Rm200 is not enough. If only I did get a bigger amount to spend.
I wanted to be a business women in future~
Bear in mind, Tom Hopkins is one of the best writer...

You are What You READ!!

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