Saturday, October 31, 2009

Graduation Day 2009

A date to remember: 27th October 2009

The big day started at 5.15am as I woke up and got ready. It was very early as even the chickens are not up yet. Mum, dad and I are the only one whom witnessed the moment of glory. 5 seconds of glory on stage I'd say. ~wink~

We departed around 5.40am. The reason we were early is because the journey would take around 45minutes and we also need to pray Subuh. Subuh starts around 5.55am. We stopped at a Surau in Kota Damansara to perform our prayer. It took us around 20 minutes plus getting ready a.k.a wearing make ups and doing mum's scarf. I was late that I need to wear my scarf in the car without a mirror and a dark surrounding. It was try and error. Luckily my scarf was ok, with little default.

We arrived at the car park around 7am. I met a few friends; Najwana, Heryohana, Izzati, Reza, Fahmi, Nor Azra, Nadia, Syafiq, etc. From the car park we went to the hall by bus. I met more friends outside the hall; Gladys, Nurah, Hidayah, Shakila, Shaza, Mahirah, Manar, Jat, Muja, Farhan, etc. Everyone was getting ready for the big event. We were adjusting our robes and graduating hats.

I was very happy meeting my friends after a few months being apart. I had a big laugh with Gladys. I was telling her: something was missing when I looked at the picture I took a few seconds ago; blusher on my cheeks. She said nothing changed in me....

We had to queue up according to our numbers given before entering the hall. It was a long line of students. Luckily my course was in front. We also had to wear a mask and sanitize our hands prior to entering the convocation hall. It was a happy moment. We were happy seeing each other. While queueing, we took a lot of photos together.

After 6 years of hard work and study, the fame last for 5 seconds on stage. Everything happened so fast. The first second I was lining up with friends behind the stage, and the next second I was walking very fast towards Tan Sri, held my hand out, took the 'cert file' and walked down the stage. I don't know what happened, but it happened so fast. Thinking back, I wonder a few things; why was I walking very fast as if I was trying to catch a plane; why didn't I take my time smiling at the camera? I paid a lot for the photographers to actually take my photo on stage. I'm not sure how the photo turn out to be.

The event finished around 12 noon. I went to meet my parents. I was very hungry as I didn't take my breakfast before. I was lucky that my father was ok to wait for a few hours so that I can meet a few friends to take pictures, give them presents and return my robe.

It was a happy day with 5 seconds of glory on stage.


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