Monday, October 19, 2009

Which Car?

My dream car would be a red Ferrari... It would be only a dream to drive a ferrari. The price is expensive like hell. I'd never would afford one. Even dreaming of driving a ferrari cost a lot. A dream like this will always be a dream.

I wanted to buy a car. I asked my parents' point of view. This is what they said:
DAD: Buy a second hand car. It is cheaper and you don't have to pay a high interest rate for car loans. It would be a waste to actually pay rm75k for a rm50k... Well this happens if you actually get a 4% loan interest and paying in a long period of time, a.k.a 9 years.
MUM: Buy a standard car a.k.a something simple and doesn't stand out on the road. Something simple that guys won't find intimidated being near you. Something that doesn't shout "Mariam is a high maintenance girl who has high standards when choosing a guy". Something simple like Myvi...

Well, guess what, after a deep thought (so deep that my brain nearly exploded) I choose to either buy Mitsubishi lancer or Honda city. If I wanted to buy a car, I might as well buy what suits my soul.... (Sporty and classy) Thinking of what my mum said (guys won't approach high standard girls), it doesn't make sense to my situation. It doesn't make any difference whether I drive a simple nor a classy car, If guys doesn't like me, then they won't regardless of what type of car I drive. Daymmmm..

So, my aim right now is to save money for the downpayment....

Mitsubishi Lancer or Honda City, HERE I COME!!!!!


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