Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things TO DO before going to work.......

Yesterday, a friend called the KKM. He asked when we'll be posting to the hospitals to start our Provisional Registered Pharmacy (PRP). They said that the UiTM and UIA students will start working on 1st of August. However, the letters are not ready yet. I guess most of us will work near our home as the letters will be posted a bit later (we won't be able to be prepared if we were to work elsewhere a.k.a Sabah@Sarawak). Unless the letters are given to us by this week.

I'm really excited to start working after 6 years of study. I hope I'll excel where ever I work. To be an excellent employee, there are certain things I need to do, especially to refresh my memory after more or less of 3 months holidays....

  1. Stop playing Restaurant City, Sorority Life, Farm Town & other games on facebook.
  2. Make a daily schedule to optimize my revision.
  3. Make a to do list so that I'll be on track.
  4. Take out all the important text books & notes that needs to be revised.
  5. Browse all the topics I need to know.
  6. Read the notes according to the topics 1 by 1.
  7. Make small notes of what I've read.
  8. Ask for HELP if I don't understand.
I hope I'll be able to do all these things before 1st of August. Wish me Luck!!!!

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