Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Lost 4kgs....

A few weeks ago I did my medical check-up at Pusat Kesihatan (PK) UiTM in Shah Alam. I wanted to be there early, so I departed from home at 6.40 am. It was still dark. I took the KTM straight from Kepong to Shah Alam. Usually, I'll stop at KL Central and take a bus to Shah Alam. I arrived in Shah Alam around 8.15 am and took a taxi to the PK. I was lucky that morning because the taxi driver only charged me rm6 (usually the cost from the KTM to section 2 is RM5 and from section2 to the UiTM compound is another rm3).

registered at the counter and the nurse told me to fill in some forms and pay the fees at another counter. The medical check up went on smoothly. First I did my urine test, then x-ray, then my teeth, and lastly my overall body check up. It finished around 10.30 am. What really surprised me during the check up was at the weight session. Usually I'd maintain my weight at this certain digit. However, that day the digit shows a different number. The value has decrease about 4kgs. I was a bit shocked and unhappy. My previous weight is already underweight and losing 4kgs meant that I'm way underweight.

All my friends would add up some weight when they're staying home. Unfortunately for me, I lose weight. After doing a lot of thinking, I knew why I lost my weight:
  1. I ate less~ that is so obvious as I did other things that I forgot to eat
  2. I surf the internet for long hours and skipped my meals~ I played games in fb which includes sorority life, farm buddy, farm town, restaurant city, pet society and etc.
  3. Usually I cook for my family ~by the time I've finish cooking, I'd be full
  4. I babysit my siblings ~usually they're my first priority, by the time I lost my appetite
  5. I woke up late ~ I missed my important meal of the day; BREAKFAST
  6. My mom cooks healthy dishes ~ less fat dishes.
Right now I try to eat more and complain less. I want my weight to increase to the previous weight so that I won't look unhealthy and less attractive. I want a healthy figure and a healthy look.

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