Monday, July 20, 2009

A long day yesterday =D

After subuh, I took a nap then had my breakfast. I had nasi lemak and milo ice. It was delicious. No words can describe the taste especially when you're hungry.

My day started with accompanying my mum to the market at Selayang. It's sort of a weekly routine going to the market. We went there around 9.30am. My mum wanted to go there a bit later so that she could buy things at a cheaper price (which is true). It took us about 15 minutes to reach the market. Even though it was nearly 10.00am, there are still a lot of people there.There are a few stalls that's already closed. My mum bought chickens (which she got rm5.50per kg, usually it's rm5.80@ rm6.00), fish and a vegetable (~petai~). I don't know what time we came back. ~Time flies~

After I took a bath and wore my clothes, I put my make up on. Eventhough I'm only going out with my siblings, looking good is a must. It took me about half an hour to get ready. I don't understand why I took a long time to dress up. It's a disease I need to cure.hehe....

We took the train to Bank Negara and walked to Jln Masjed Jamek..... It was a bit tiring at first but after looking at all the clothes, cloth and scarfs, I felt rejunevated. There are a lot of things to choose from. The streets are colourful and happening. You can enter from one shop to the other without worrying about the doors, this place is welcoming.

From my previous experience, it's wise to browse from one shop to the other. Sometimes the shopkeeper tend to put some things at a high price whereas you can get the same thing cheaper at another shop. Furthermore, you have to have a good bargain skill. This helps you get things you want at a good price. However, certain things are at a nett price. These things are off the bargain shelf. What afflicts me is that I'm not sure if the price of what I bought@wanted to buy is reasonable. It's not about being affordable or not, but it's about the value of the things being sold here.

My sisters and I bought cloth textiles from a few shops. They are beautiful. This year's Eid theme is pink and blue. I already have a pink Baju kurung, so I bought blue cloth textiles so that a friend of my mum can sew them. There are many choices to pick, but as my budget is only rm50, I only chose the cheaper ones. My sisters bought themselves one pair each.

We got back home at 3.30pm. I was so exhausted. However, the exhaustion is worth it, as I got what I want. ~happy sigh!~

Then I sent my brother to his tuition class at my Aunt's in Kota Damansara. While waiting for my brother, I went to my uncle's house in the same area. We got back home around 7.00pm. It was a bit tiring. After Maghrib, my brother and I went to the barber to cut his hair. It took about 20 minutes. We got back home and I prayed Isya'. After a few minutes of facebook, I went to sleep. I slept early yesterday (around 10.00pm).

It was a long, happy and satisfying day!

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