Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is me...

I did a quiz on Facebook "What your birth month says about you" and these are the results I got..... Actually, as I've been living for nearly 25 years, of course I have all the characters as mentioned below. What do you expect? duh!

* Abstract thoughts
* Loves reality and abstract
* Intelligent and clever
* Changing personality

* Temperamental

* Quiet, shy and humble

* Honest and loyal

* Determined to reach goals

* Loves freedom

* Rebellious when restricted

* Loves aggressiveness

* Too sensitive and easily hurt

* Showing anger easily

* Dislike unnecessary things

* Loves making friends but rarely shows it

* Daring and stubborn

* Ambitious

* Realizng dreams and hopes

* Sharp
* Loves entertainment and leisure

* Romantic on the inside not outside

* Superstitious and ludicrous

* Spendthrift

* Learns to show emotions

There are many more characters that is not mentioned here. Anyway, to make it short, I'm flexible and loves myself the way I am.

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