Thursday, August 25, 2011

Movie Freaks~

Movie freaks, or should I say movie lover?? As in I love watching movies *wink*

A few nights of good movies makes my week a great week especially when the movies are damn great~
I'm not sure why it was uploaded this side up~
WARNING: Please do Not scratch this card before the movie.
It'll ruin the scent. I smelled bubble gum throughout the movie~

On Monday I watched Zookeeper~ It was hilarious. The movie is a great movie for all walks of life. I love the movie so much that I'll recommend it to everyone to go and watch it in your nearest cinema.
A new way of watching movies~
Movies with scent~
On Wednesday after dinner at Zanmai with Ewa, we watched Glee 3D~ It was funny buying concert tickets to be watched in a theater. It is disappointing when you can't have a blast at a concert because you're in a cinema, where there are other people watching. All you can do is move your feet and shoulders. You can't dance to the songs~ You just can't enjoy to the max~
Today we watched Spy Kids, All The Time In The World. It was a great movie with a great moral value regarding family and especially time~ I think it would be better if we watch 3D as there are a lot of 3D effects in the movie.

For tomorrow, we already bought tickets for Conan the Barbarian. I hope it's a great movie. I think this movie will rap up my movie freak mania until Eid.


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