Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Accident That Happened on My Mother's Birthday; Final

Finally I got my car last Thursday 11th August 2011~

Shu called me and said my car was ready since 6th August. She tried calling but couldn't get through as I 'left' my hand-phone at home *in Kepong*. I was so relieved. FINALLY!!! I don't have to wait until after Raya for my car. Now I can drive happily everywhere~

When I sent the car a month ago, she said maybe it'll take 6 weeks. Since the claim was less than rm20000, it took less than the estimated time. The claim price was around rm2000 plus~ I didn't even take the receipt. I was so happy that I forgot everything. Maybe I'll get it next time.

Since I already have my car, I don't have to worry about going back to my hometown. Furthermore, I got 2 days leave during Raya. *6days of long happy Raya*. Previously I had to go back to work on Friday a.k.a. 4th day of Raya. Now the problem is settled.

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