Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid a.k.a Raya 1432 Preparation

Today was a long day as I did a few last minute chores that I should have done a few days ago. After waking up around 10am, I showered and followed my dad, mum and brother to my brother's fiance house to discuss a few matters regarding my brother's marriage this Saturday. We stayed there for an hour or so after we agreed with the matter discussed. 

After we got back home, I went to town to change money for 'Duit Raya'. Most banks already put a notice saying that they don't have any change for Duit Raya~ I was a bit disappointed. I went to the ATM machine and withdraw rm40x4 as I got rm10 notes each time I withdraw. This year, I was planning on giving rm10@ rm5 to my cousins. I hope I have enough money to give them~

After changing the money into small notes, I came home and helped my mum and grandmother 'menganyam ketupat'. I'm not good at it. I think I'll learn later on how to do it~

menganyam ketupat dengan Tok




Around 3pm, I took my sisters to Giant Kulim and Tesco to shop for shoes and sandals for Raya. They were so fussy plus there aren't many choices, so we took 3 hours to find what we wanted. Shopping is a tiring thing to do in a fasting month.

There's only 6 hours till I have to wake up to celebrate 1st Syawal 1432~
I've iron my clothes and scarves for tomorrow. Our theme for this year is pink. The clothes are ready like 5 months ago. The whole family is wearing pink which is made from the same fabric. My dad bought it in China.

Eid Mubarak Everyone!!!
May the Blessings of Allah swt keep your heart and home happy and Joyous!!!


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