Monday, August 8, 2011

Crazy Sunny Sunday~

Yesterday was 7th of August 2011~
The dress that I really liked~
In another word, it was crazy sunny Sunday for me~
  • What's on my mind? *Zara blue black dress*
  • What's the fuss?? *I loved the dress so much; I bought 1 already, and I need another one*
  • What happened??? *I went to 3 malls just to find it*
  • Which mall was it???? *Firstly, to One Utama; Secondly, to The Curve+IPC (formerly known as Ikano); Thirdly to Midvalley*
  • How long did it take me to go to all three malls????? *My journey started from 1030am to 5.30pm*
  • How did I get to all three malls?????? *I drove my mum's car to One Utama+The Curve; I went using Komuter Tanah Melayu a.k.a. KTM to Midvalley*
  • What's the outcome of 3 malls??????? *I was devastated there are a few left (no small size, only medium+large) at One Utama+Midvalley *
  • What am I gonna do???????? *I'm going to try my luck at Zara Bukit Bintang*
Long dress~
I was so keen that I did everything in my capability to get the dress~


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