Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shopaholic Mum

Mum & Dad during my graduation day 2009

I love my mum. She the greatest person on earth I'll ever known. She's a multitask person who can do everything in life. Only the sky is her limit. 

Myself, Mum & Sumaiyah

One of her best talent is shopping. I could say that she's the best shopaholic I ever known. I'm saying this base on my experience. Most of the time, being a daughter to a shopaholic mum gives me advantages.

This was taken during Eid 2008
I remembered a few year ago, we were window shopping at Jusco Kepong. We entered City Chain. I can't  really remember if any of us had the intention of buying a watch. Well, I guess that's why it's called window shopping in the first place. You just enter the shop, browse the aisle and leave empty handed. However, something bold caught our eyes. It was the 70% sign at the display. We were a little excited. From a thousand plus watch you get the price of three hundred plus. It was a bargain we couldn't miss.We didn't even know the brand of the watch. What really mattered was the watch was cheaper 70% than the original price. Instead of buying one, my mum bought two. YES TWO~ One for her and another for me. She's so excited it was cheap. So the total was more than seven hundred ringgit. Still, it was something you never regret buying.

Photo taken in 2008 at Selayang Hospital
Another event of mum's shopaholic was a few years ago she bought 2 dresses that she thought I'd like. Previously I did buy a dress for my annual dinner. So she thought I might want to wear it later. When I asked why she bought the dresses, she said because it was cheap. She got it cheaper 60%. I was a bit disappointed because she was wasting money on the dress I wasn't going to wear. The dress is still in my container with a price tag still on it.

A few months ago we went shopping for fabrics at Jalan TAR. Jalan TAR is a famous place where you can buy cheap cloths, scarves etc. After entering so many shops, we entered a shop and asked for any bargain clothes or fabrics. The salesperson showed us a stack of fabric that they wanted to clear. For a set of 4meter at a price of rm15. The better bargain was if we bought more than 10 sets, we'll get the price of rm12 each. My mum was so excited that she chose 5 and I chose 5 sets. Even when the design wasn't so nice, we still bought it. However, now that it's made into baju kurung pahang, it's not that bad. I should say it is worth buying.
During Eid 2008

Less than a week ago I went IKEA and bought a very cheap comforter cover set which only cost rm9.90. I bought 3 as we had 3 single mattress at home. When I came home and told mum about it, she asked me why didn't I buy like 10 or so. The next day, she went IKEA and bought another 3 set. *She bought 3 just because she didn't have enough cash to buy another 10 or so* ~relief

These are the few events that I remembered at the moment. I'll update more when I remember.

My mum's motto of shopping is that you have to grab cheap items even though you may not need it. *you may need it in the near future*


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