Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm going into business y'all

Yes, this sounds a bit creepy~

I'm trying out a 2nd hand Item Facebook account that sells 2nd hand items at an affordable price. I have a lot of clothes that I sort of don't need. I don't want to throw them away. Instead I want to sell them to people who needs them at an affordable price. *I keep on mentioning affordable as I'm not gonna sell it expensively*

I was wondering myself, why not just sell it on The reason is that:
  • I'm not that desperate to sell what I wanted to sell.
  • It's something I wanted to do as a hobby~
  • A part time thingy~
  • Not so serious business person~
If you're interested to buy clothes which includes baju kurung, baju kebaya; shoes, shirts, scarfs, etc please visit 2nd Hand Items.
Here are some terms & Conditions prior buying the items:
  1. Items that are booked could only b kept for 2days only.
  2. Payment should be made within 2 days after booking is received and cancellation will be done without notice by the admin if payment is not made within the 2days after booking.
  3. Any cancellation by buyer will only receive 50% of the payments made
  4. Admin will cancel the booking of items if no payment is made within the period given.
  5. Please make the booking through message or post below the specific photo of the item.
  6. Sometimes the items in the photo are not the same as the items received as this maybe due to the pictures/lighting/camera factors.
  7. We will not be responsible if the items that are posted are defected during postage, wasn't received by payee, if it is due to wrong address given by the payee. It is your responsibility to give the correct address to the admin.
  8. Please read and understand the terms above for everyone's convenience.
  9. For serious buyers only.
  10. Postage is only on FRIDAY.
  11. Pos Laju: Peninsular of Malaysia: 1pcs=RM6 ** rm3 with additional items
  12. Sabah+Sarawak: 1pcs=RM8 ** rm5 with additional items
    Postage will usually take 2-3 working days depending on the area of postage.
    1. Payment can be made through CIMB or MAYBANK account.
    2. After payment, please fill in the order Form and inbox me.
    3. ORDER FORM:
    • Name:
    • Address:
    • Contact Number:
    • Item Code:

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