Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clinique Star Tour 2011

On the 22nd of July after settling my car at WH automobile my brother and I craved for Starbucks, so we headed our journey from Balakong to Pavilion KL. After buying 2 venti frappuchino, we headed back to Sentul. On our way to my brother's motorcycle, I was approached by a Clinique promoter. I took the pamphlet she gave me and walked ahead until I approached Clinique's venue. Without thinking, I approached the registration person and asked her questions. I ended up buying the voucher worth rm35.

I bought the voucher because it was so cheap. For rm35 I was entitled:

  1. Clinique 3-step Skin Analysis and Prepping *It turned out that I have a combination skin of dry and oily skin*
  2. Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts *my makeup wasn't that thick. It was simple but nice*
  3. Hair styled by Miko Galere *of course la I didn't do; maybe scarf styled by Mariam Rushdan*
  4. Fashion photograph *It was just 3 snapshots. I did 3 awkward pose*
  5. Door Gift worth approximately rm130. *It was so worth it as I got the latest Cleo Magazine, 1 Clinique mascara, 3 Clinique face wash set and rm30 Miko Galere voucher*
Before the make-over
The make up was simple~
The photo is not clear as I'm using my hp camera


The lighting wasn't good, so I had to look up a bit~
I didn't do the makeover on the same date I bought the voucher. I did it on Sunday. Thanx to Azie who waited patiently while I did my makeup etc. K.long Joined us for Hanna that night. It was really a great day =D


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