Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Accident That Happened on My Mother's Birthday; Part 3

So the story goes on and on and on~

Within 3 weeks after the accident and 1 week without my car, I made a few drastic decisions in my life. I use the word drastic so that my life seems so dramatic~ *actually it's just a decision I made on instinct and necessity*. These are the decisions made within these 2 weeks;

Right now I'm staying in Ampang Jaya with my great friends. From Ampang Jaya to Sentul, by car, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to work *depanding on the state of the traffic at the time*. It's a smooth ride every morning to work as I get to listen to FlyFM every morning *even though when the traffic disappoints me most of the time*. FlyFM Pagi Rock Crew makes my day. 

The FIRST DECISION was to still stay in Ampang and ride a motorcycle with my brother. He's giving me a ride to work last week from Monday to Friday. It was an awesome feeling when you have someone fetch you to work and home even though it was just a motorcycle ride. It was the best experience ever~ However it only lasted a week as he was reluctant to give me a ride in future as he will be having classes and it'll affect his schedule.

So, here comes the SECOND DECISION; buying another car. On Friday, I thought why not buy a second car, it'll be easier for me to go to work. I called my uncle and mum regarding this decision. I called my uncle as I was thinking of buying his CRV. He wanted to sell it a few months ago. My mum was alright with the decision, however I still need to ask my dad regarding the matter. After a few days of hard and critical thinking, this is actually a bad idea as my financial status is not good. Buying another car will only burden me financially and mentally. LOL

The THIRD DECISION is to buy a cheap secondhand motorcycle where I'll use it to Ampang station instead of taking a bus. I guess not as I don't have a license.

The FOURTH DECISION is to stay in Ampang and go to work with the LRT Ampang line. I was so enthusiastic going to work by public transport. However I didn't have the same feeling last Monday. I tried but failed. On Monday morning, I left for work at 7.05am. I walked 5 minutes from home to the bus stop. Waited like 10 minutes or so and paid rm2 for a 100 meter journey. I crossed the road for 5 minues or so as I used the cross over bridge and took the LRT. I arrived Sentul station around 7.55am and walked to my clinic. I was late to work as I punched in 8.05am~ 5 minutes late =(

FINALLY, I decided to move from Ampang to Sentul. It was an abrupt decision as it saves time and money. Furthermore, in Ramadhan I'll be working from 7.30am to 4.30am instead of 8.00am to 5.00pm as always. Currently I'm still looking for a room to rent. I hope by Monday I'll be able to move into a new place =D


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