Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Accident That Happened on My Mother's Birthday; Part 2

After a week riding a wrecked car that looked normal I decided to send my car to a workshop.
I did have a few contacts;
  1. Sarjan Azmi who had a friend where they handle from A-Z.
  2. Mr Tan from the police station who was willing to help me.
  3. Mr Mechanic-who-works-at-a-workshop-Jalan-Tun-Razak-who-helped-me+dad-fix-my-car
However I still don't know where to send. I asked my friends, posted dilemma status on facebook, called a few people and eventually on 13th July 2011 (after 7 days of the accident) someone gave me a contact number of a person who can help me with the car. Actually on the 13th and 14th July I had a course in Putrajaya. After the first day of course I went to Alamanda to loiter and buy Kenny Rogers for my uncle when I went to a Toyota exhibition at the center court. I met En Ghazali. I asked him how much a bumper cost. He said around rm600. *ok, I was a bit shocked by the price* then I told him I was in an accident and I don't know where to send the car. He was so nice to hear me out and gave En Rizal's number. I called En Rizal and he said I can send my car to Toyota Service Centre and he'll tend my car.

On Friday 15th, I took evening time off and send my car to him. He estimated the price and said that my bumper needs changing. On Monday I sent my car to him with my copy of IC, insurance policy and car grants and he said it'll take 2 weeks to settle. I was a bit reluctant thinking I wouldn't have any transport for 2 weeks. I went home and on Wednesday Shuhaida called me telling me that my car arrived at WH workshop and wanted to acknowledge me. She told me to come to the workshop to sign some papers. She even told me it'll take 3 weeks to settle the claim etc. I was shocked hearing 3 weeks of no car!!! 2 weeks is long enough, and now hearing 3 weeks is a nightmare. I was so desperate that I asked her to estimate the price of repairing if I wanted to pay by cash *as I thought it'll be faster* she said around rm600 and it'll still take about 2 weeks to settle. Then I told her I wanted to take the car out and repair it somewhere else. She's ok with it and told me take my car whenever possible.

On 22nd of July I went to WH workshop and looked at the documents. I was surprised to see so many parts including screws etc that needs to be replaced. The price is way out of my league and I really need to claim it from Etiqa. Instead of taking my car out, I decided to repair my car there. I signed some claim forms and Shu told me it'll take more than 6 weeks including the claim procedure etc. At this point, I had no feeling of how long they wanted to take my car as long as it's fix.
Now that I don't have any transport, I rented a room at Menara Orkid. It is located next to my clinic so I just have to walk to work. However, I'm only renting until the end of this month. So next month I need to ride the LRT from Ampang to Sentul to go to work. It'll be fun riding public transport to work. I'll get to meet and watch all sorts of people along the way~

LRT route Map

I hope there won't be any problems along the way =D
Smooth ride everyone *smile*


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