Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Ambition~

Everyone has an ambition when they were young. Mostly the ambitions are related to what their parents are. Parents are the strongest role model for children.

When I was a young girl, at the age of 10 or so I wanted to be a teacher. The reason is because I love my class teacher- Ms Akhtar; she was a beautiful, cheerful, outgoing teacher who teach her students with passion. I really love the way she taught me and my classmates. Whenever we get correct answers, she'll stamp beautiful colorful shaped stamp on our workbook. If we collect 10 stamps or so, she'll give us beautiful colored cards or so that we were eager to get. Furthermore, maybe because I was a bright student, she gave me great attention in class.
When I was 12, during my UPSR year, I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be a person who's able to treat and cure disease and make patient's life better. Furthermore, doctors are so rich. I had a neighbor who has a clinic and they had a really big house, beautiful cars and a happy life *I think*. The thought of being a doctor lasted till I finished my SPM.

After SPM, I had to fill in the UPU form. I have no clue of what course to further my study in the university. So my dad suggested to fill in all 8 blank columns with doctors.

AAANNNDDD guess what I got???

I was offered to further my study in pharmacy. I don't really know what pharmacy is at that time but I accepted it. It was fun. It was the right choice. I did 2 years of diploma, and 4 years of degree to become a pharmacist.

Pharmacist is a healthcare job that helps doctors and nurses in the ward and supply medicines to patients. It's a wonderful job with a wide perspective of job in our community. Being a pharmacist is the best job ever!!!!
Be happy with whoever you are~


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