Friday, July 29, 2011


What does KKUPP stand for??? 

It is actually a short form for 'Kajian Kos Ubat Per Preskripsi'.  What's the purpose of this workshop? The end result is to know the total expenses of drugs in Malaysia for a prescription. There are more than 50 pharmacist attending this workshop.We actually learn and help to key in data from perspective clinic and hospital into excel format where it will be transferred into a SPSS format later on and will be interpreted as an overall drug expense. 

Last year, from the previous data, they concluded that the cost of meds for a prescription from Klinik Kesihatan is rm5; rm23 for a prescription from the hospital. The average cost of meds for a prescription in Malaysia is rm13.

Here are some pictures taken in my room~
View from my part of the bed...
For three days I attended the workshop at Empresss Hotel Sepang. The accommodation was average. The food was super delicious with a lot of choices. I love the deserts. It was a great experience to actually meet other pharmacist from different clinics and hospitals. I made new friends and met old friends during this workshop.

This is actually a photo aken from the internet. 
However in reality, the view is not as breathtaking as this photo.

This is a great gateway before Ramadhan~


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