Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Accident That Happened on My Mother's Birthday

6th July 2011 is the date to be remembered for my Vios~

I was driving happily to work as usual (I've been driving back and forth from Ampang Jaya to Sentul for more than 8 months) until I arrived at the prolink of AKLEH and Jalan Tun Razak. After waiting for a few minutes or so I was in front of the exit just before the main road. I saw a lime green Avanza on my left side. The Avanza was moving maybe 5km/hour trying to get into the main road as well. After waiting for the car on my left pass into the main road, I drove 5-10km/hour into the main road. At the same time, I looked on my right side and saw the Avanza so close to my car. I hit the breaks immediately but the Avanza seems not to notice and just drove. As an impact, he bumped the right side of my front car and sort of pulled my bumper out. It was a loud collision as to say. At first, I thought it was just one of those accidents where nothing serious happens as no one died whatsoever.

Overall impact~

However, when I parked my car near the flat besides the main road, I was so shocked to see my car. It's still in one piece but the bumper was pulled out from the body. It was such a shocking scene. I didn't know that such little accident can cause such impact.

The front view

The Right side view~

Up close front view~

Up close right side view~

I called my dad and told him I was in an accident. *Actually 6th July is my mum's birthday; instead of calling and wishing her a birthday wish: I called my dad and told him that I was in an accident* While I was on the phone, the person who collided my car said to meet him at Kg Baru. But then, after a few minutes he told me that he needed to send his son to school. So I gave him the permission and told him to write his phone number. He scribbled his phone number in my note pad and left. I noted down his plate number once more. After an hour, my dad arrived and he told me to make a report at the police station.

To make the story short, my dad and a mechanic bonded my bumper to the body with a wire, I went to work for 3 hours and made a police report. It took 2 hours to make a report. Eventhough it took 2 hours, but it was a good service =D

Thank you Sarjan Zainuddin, Sarjan Azmi and the rest who helped me.

My day actually started very good, but along the way something bad happened and it ended great as I went home, gave my mother a birthday gift and wished her 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBU'


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