Monday, June 13, 2011

Shopaholic Babe~

I don't consider myself as shopaholic~ *denial state*

Everything bought are to be used wisely and not to be kept in the wardrobe. Well, there are a few things that my mother bought for me that I didn't use. Well, my mom is a shopaholic sometimes. I'm not accusing her randomly. It's the fact. She bought me a knee length dress because it's cheap. She thought that I'd be wearing it, but unfortunately I didn't.

I consider a shopaholic is a person who loves buying but doesn't use the things bought. Buying is like a second nature to shopaholics. They buy things that seems
beautiful or interesting, knowing that things that are bought aren't to be use.

To me, things that are bought and worn for many times and kept in the wardrobe is not considered as wastage. You can't be wearing the same clothes for more than 5 times right??? Unless they are worn to work and in occasions that doesn't involve cameras. You can't be seen in photos with the same clothes but at
different events. That is a bit shameful~

Lately, I rarely buy clothes. I used to be a clothes freak, where I keep on buying clothes thinking that I have no clothes. I should learn to mix and match all my clothes. I have a lot and I shouldn't buy more~


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