Saturday, April 16, 2011



Yes, I know bowling stance, but I'm not a good bowler~
I'm just the girl next door who tries hard bowling like a professional bowler~
Who sometimes tries to imitate the bowler next lane *whom strikes like a pro of more than 5 times and a few spares*
Bowling is also know as ten-pin bowling as we need to score points by rolling a heavy ball into the 10 white pins~ The best part of bowling is when you get to hangout with friends and have fun at the same time. It's great when the crowd is happening and you laugh and smile throughout the entire game. It's also one of my stress reliever activity. It's a fun thing to do when you're trying to beat each other's score. It is even better when your score is higher than your friends. *grin*
I'm not a good bowler. Bowling is played by instinct. Sometimes I watch other people bowl and try to improve my bowling techniques. Sometimes my friend will give a few tips on how bowling is suppose to be and learn from there. Now I'm trying to get tips from the professionals through google. It's fun learning bowling~
I didn't know that there are actually a lot of ball release technique and delivery styles. I thought there a only a few. There are even special terms in bowling when you play, such as: strike, spare, turkey (when you bowl 3 strikes in a row), etc....

Here are some bowling tips that you can read yourself~ There are a lot of website that gives you bowling tips~ These websites are very helpful.. ENJOY!


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