Friday, April 1, 2011

Why blog?

wow wee~

It has been 9 months since I've open and wrote in my blog. The last was on the 29th June 2010....

I do have a lot to write but didn't have the courage and time to do it. It's actually an easy thing to do. However, being lazy is a small part of me. Most of the time I prefer to update my status on fb and read other people's updates. *mind u, I'm not stalking; I'm just updating myself on people's daily life and thoughts*

The question is, why do I want to update blog?

I started my 1st entry on the 17th July 2009 when I was an undergraduate in UiTM. I don't really blog like other people. Mostly I'll repost certain things that I felt useful for me to read. There are a few post where I posted lyrics from various artist. There are also a few emotional blog. LOL

Recently, I was inspired by a friend- Shazreeyana Syukri.
I love reading her blog. There's a lot of interesting things to read from her blog. I like her latest page. It has pop-ups etc. I wish I could do my blog as good as hers.
I also like the way she connects people with her words. When reading her blog, it feels like ur there with her. U'll be able to do and follow whatever she writes. U'll understand her words.

Writing is fun when u know how and what to write. Words will just pop in ur mind and ur fingers will just press the letters on ur notebook.


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  1. OMG mariam!! thanks so much for this sweet post! i am truly honoured to be featured on your blog.. i didn't expect it at all..
    btw i am happy if anything i do (only good deeds of course) inspire people..i am also inspired by people who i think have great personalities and connect to their readers..

    thanks you so much for this post i am out of words ;) gonna be ur frequent visitor and will add ur link to my blog list.. don't give up, just express yourself in your own words and u'll get the hang of it and will enjoy blogging as much as i do..hihihi..
    btw rasa segan pulak sbb byk lg bloggers lain yg best2..but thank you lagi skali sbb sudi buat post ni...

    yana pon dok buat page tu sendiri kodek2 tgk apa yg boleh bubuh..hikhik.. kalau boring tukar layout pulak.hikhik

    Thanks mar,