Monday, April 11, 2011

Stare all you want~

Guys, you can stare, as long as you don't touch@harass~
However it is so rude to stare~
I don't know why they keep on looking~
It's not that I'm an actress nor a beauty queen~
At first I thought they must be looking at someone behind me. However, this situation is not meant to happen every time you walk in a mall nor while you're dispensing~

Most of the time I would think that maybe they're staring because:
  • there's something different on my face or my scarf???
  • there's a mole on my left cheek?
  • my face is red as the red chili peppers???
  • they thought they know me from their hometown??
  • my face seems so familiar *i'm a friend of their friends???*
  • my head is too big??
  • my make up is so overrated *most of the time i don't wear any*
  • my lipstick is so plumpy??
  • I'm so skinny???
  • I remind them of their ex-s???
*are there anymore possible good reasons????*

Everyone knows that you can look, but it's rude to stare~

FYI: Yesterday, something funny happened. I was at my friend's wedding when a photographer took photos of my friends and I. Firstly, I thought they were photographers hired by my friend, however, within the hour at the wedding, he was actually taking photos of our table *plus the ceremony itself*. At one point, he was actually sneaking to take photos of us. LOL.. Before we left, he actually asked us to wait so that he'll be able to take our photos with the bride. We didn't want to disappoint him, so we obeyed his request by waiting merely 5 more minutes, took photos and went home. Actually, before going back I thought of asking his fb account so that I could see the photos. However, I don't have the nerve of asking~ LOL~

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