Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photo Freak!!!!

I am so a photo freakkkk~
This is scary~
It seems like I'm obsessed with myself~
Gosh~ now there are more than 1715 photos of myself on facebook~
This is insane~
I used to bring my own camera where ever I go. I used to love taking pictures using my own camera. However, now I have a habit of sneaking into other people's picture. Sneaky me~
In my fb, I have 71 albums consisting photos from year 2008 or so till now.
I have 175 profile pictures~ It seems that my hobby is changing my Profile picture whenever I feel like doing so. I get bored so fast with one picture. I need to change it once a while~
*That's how I ended up with 175 photos*
I love all the pictures~ A picture captures a thousand memories~

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