Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fun Hectic Bali Trip *1st Day*


Where: Bali, Indonesia
When: 7th until 12th October 2012
Why: Truly Asia Travel (Let's conquer Asia)

Welcome to Bali!!

This was my first time going to Indonesia and Bali is the first place to visit.

I'm going to do a short entry for my everyday trip in Bali. It sure is a fun trip to go to if you have lots of money to spend and lots of time to waste.

Bali Island

I arrived alone in Bali as my friends and I bought separate plane tickets. I arrived early in the afternoon and  checked in the hotel around 2.30 pm. My friends arrived later that night. We went Bali in a group of 6 people.

Kuta Beach
 From Malaysia, we booked POP Hotel at Kuta Beach. The reason we booked this hotel is because the review of this hotel was good and its brand new. The room was small but comfortable. I had a good night sleep despite a havoc in the middle of the night (that's what the receptionist said early the next morning).

3 rooms *WIFI is available in the hotel and there's also 4 computers with internet access in the lobby

Comfortable big bed

A small cute bathroom

The small area in between the bed and front door (4 steps away)

The room is small yet comfortable for its price. There are only a bed, a sitting area, a toilet and a washbasin. There are no kettle, iron nor cupboard in the room. It's a good room for a short stay trip.

The swimming pool and cafe downstairs

The resort next door

The guarantee key card *deposit*

Foods I brought from home

The unique hotel's hallway

I was bored waiting for my friends as their flight were delayed, I went out food hunting alone. It was fun.

The alley outside the hotel
It's not as creepy as it seems

The street

I went for halal food hunting but failed. So I went back to the hotel and bought a cup of instant noodle.

Pop Mee the instant noodle

Finally, my friends arrived when the sky is already dark.

Friend arrived when the neon lights are bright

After taking their bags into the hotel room, we went food hunting. We walked quite far (the wrong direction from halal restaurants) failing to find any good food. So we went back to the hotel and stop by a stall along the way to eat something. 

Gak Agus Stall


The food tasted different but bearable as I was famished. I ate plain rice with Gule Kambing.

Gule Kambing and Rice
My other two friends arrived later that night.

That's my first day trip in Bali. I'll write my other trip to Bali later.

2nd day trip
3rd day trip

Wassalam & Cheers.

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