Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good things in My Life


That's the first thing in mind that I wanted to write today. I feel so blessed today. To still breath the fresh air and live a great life.

Let's all recite these when we're feeling good
 Little things do make me happy as I choose happiness over sadness. I choose how my life would be. I plan, however Allah swt is the best planner of all. Allah swt knows best.

As a human being, I tend to forget little good thing that I should be doing, so I made a daily checklist to show my gratitude to Allah swt and live life to the fullest.

On my bedroom wall
The best thing to do in life is to recite surah Yaasin every morning after Subuh prayer. Reciting Yaasin made my day even if it was the worst day of anyone's life as I know everything happens for a great reason.

The heart of the Quran

Let's all recite Al-Quran atleast once a day.

Wassalam & Cheers...

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