Sunday, December 2, 2012

4th HKL Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Conference 2012

Date: 1st-2nd December 2012
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Venue: Istana Hotel
Particpants: Pharmacists


Seeking knowledge is a mandatory for everyone.

This has been my second time attending conference and coincidentally at the same venue, Istana Hotel.

Hotel Istana
At the registration counter, after signing the attendance, I received a big goody bag with lots of stationary. It was worth coming after getting lost at Jalan Bukit Bintang.

The Big Square Bag
My doorgift
The Stationary inside
The room seems a bit small as the ceiling was low. It wasn't that convenient but sufficient for a hundred participants. There are a few empty seats here and there.

My seat

We were given a booklet containing all the timetable for the 2 days event.

The cover
The full event 

The hardworking committee members

 The speakers were awesome. Each and every topics were delivered in an understandable manner. I gained more knowledge regarding MTAC (medication therapy adherence clinic) available in HKL and other healthcare center. 

The food was delicious. 

Tea, dumplings and cake roll.
Tea, samosa and muffin

The participants are mostly from HKL, so I knew a few of them.

1st day outfit
2nd day outfit with Fana

My Lewre on the 1st day of conference 
My Lewre on the 2nd day of the conference

I love attending conference as there are a lot of new updates on health issues especially on drugs. The food is also one of the main factor I love attending conference especially in places like Istana Hotel. I hope I get to attend more conference in the future especially those held overseas.

Knowledge is power. With enough and correct knowledge, you can rule and change the world.

Wassalam & Cheers..

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