Monday, December 17, 2012

Diabetes Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic


Diabetes Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic a.k.a DMTAC.

What is DMTAC? It's an ambulatory service which emphasize on medication management. This service is handled by pharmacist who provide counseling and education to patients with the purpose of helping them manage their condition and prevent debilitating symptoms. Shortly, we, pharmacist wants patient to get to know their disease well and consume their medications as directed.

It's a service available in most of the government clinics and hospitals in Malaysia.

So, last week I was attached in HPJ for a week to improve my knowledge and learn DMTAC held there. It was a stressful week. Shortly, this is how my week started and ended. 
  • On Monday there was a short briefing on DMTAC, pre-test and the week's timetable. In the afternoon we had to clerk lots of ward cases from FiCiSen *I hope I spelled it right* in a CP2 form. 
  • My friend and I went for ward round on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. On Tuesday afternoon, I did 3 counselling and 1 discharge meds. 
  • On Wednesday afternoon we searched for possible DMTAC new patients based on patients' previous HbA1c. 
  • On Thursday morning we counselled new and old DMTAC patient in the DMTAC clinic.In the afternoon we did a presentation on the cases chosen individually. *It was my worst presentation in my life* SO SAD... 
  • On Friday, we completed up our CP2 forms to be collected by the preceptors. That afternoon we did our post test and discussed the answers.

If I could reverse time, before going for the attachment, I would have:
  • Read a handful of everything about diabetes, the treatment, the complications, types of meds and its side effects, DKA, HSS, BIDS treatment
  • I'd follow my friend, clerking only 5 cases instead of 10 cases
  • I'd focus on my slides instead of worrying about the presentation
  • Pick a really good diabetes case for my presentation even if it's from the other ward instead of presenting a case with lots if PCI
Despite the stressful week, I did learn a lot. I learnt a value lesson. Sometimes, we shouldn't follow the rules on paper. We have to let loose base on the situation.

Live life to the fullest; the fun way.

Wassalam & Cheers.

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