Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fun, Hectic Bali Trip *3rd Day*


9th October was our 3rd day in Bali. We spent the whole day in Bali Safari and Marine Park. It is the best I've been to in Bali. A place everyone has to go if they are Bali. Especially for animal lovers. It's a different experience compared to other zoo I've been to so far.

We were there around 9 am until 5 pm. It was awesome and fun. There are a lot of things to do and cherish in the park except for the rides in the Fun Zone. The entrance fee for Jungle Hopper is USD 49. The package includes;  
  • Adventure of Safari journey *It was an awesome great journey*
  • Bali Agung Show at Bali Theatre *the show was awesome, I really recommend everyone to watch the show*
  • Fun Zone *there are a few rides which are average*
  • Water Park *It's a small water park which I consider is suitable for children*
  • Animal Educational show *A fun show*
  • Elephant Educational show *An awesome speechless show. The elephants showed a great performance*

The large Park Directory 

The Cheetah

Kg Bali

We learnt traditional Bali Dance
The instruments

Animal Education show

Our tags

Oran Utan opening the show

Sweetie the Elephant

Elephant feeding


Sweetie sprayed dirty water at my friends

On our way to the Educational Elephant show

Elephant Educational Show

Police elephants

The villagers and the elephants

A shot with the elephant after the show

Camels in the safari

Safari ride

The 'lame' ride

At a souvenirs shop

The jump shot

Bali Safari & Marine Park is a compulsory place to visit for everyone especially those travelling with children.

Wassalam & Cheers.

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