Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun, Hectic Bali Trip 4th and Last Day


10th October was our 4th day in Bali. Our activity for the day was ocean activities. However, we only did   one ocean activity as it was a bit expensive. We did an open water introductory dive which costed 550,000 rupiah. The price included a video of us inside the water. I wasn't satisfied with the video as it was low quality and he only captured 3 shots of me and my other friend had more that 10 shots in the video.

Surya Mas Villa

Our last day here

In the afternoon, we went for a spa treatment. I was a bit disappointed with the massage treatment I received. It wasn't as I expected. It was worst. Next time, if I'm in Bali, spa is not a place I'm spending my time with.

At a Batik shop

On the last day of Bali, we went to visit Tirta Temple, a waterfall, a batik gift shop and the Padi Terrace.

A place known to ask for your 'soulmate'

Padi Terrace


The beautiful scenery

Waiting for our lunch to arrive


Chicken curry


The waterfall


Elly & I
The best thing about Bali is exploring the island with my best friends. I couldn't imagine going about in the island alone. It'll be the worst nightmare. There are a lot of places I didn't go to. I hope you'll axplore them happily with your loved ones.

Wassalam & Cheers.

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