Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shopping in Ben Thanh Market


Where: Ben Thanh market and Champa Muslim
When: 1st until 3rd day of our trip
What: Shop till you drop

There are a lot of markets and shopping complex in Ho Chi Minh City that you can go to. We only went to Ben Thanh Market and a few shop lots near the area to shop. Ben Thanh market is located in District 1 of HCMC. 

The north entrance of Ben Thanh Market.

The hectic market

Everything at a cheaper price. The secret is BARGAIN until the price is affordable.

There are a lot of things you can buy here at a cheaper price compare to other places. I love HCMC as I can find a lot of things to buy here but regretted bringing small amount of money to spend here. On the first day itself, I spent rm700. It may be a small amount to some people but that's a big amount for me. 

Vietnam Silk Scarves 3USD each

Silk cloth

RM55 each from Champa Muslim

Ready made Baju Kurung

A lot of colours to choose at Champa Muslim

Vietnam Silk 6USD per meter

super soft Pashmina


Colored jubah at Champa Muslim

Bookmarks which I bought 3 for 1USD. It's cheaper to buy it here than at the airport which cost 65,000 VDong each

I went to a shop; Champa just in front of Ben Thanh market and found cheap baju kurung which has beads more than enough for only rm50. So I bought 6 on the first day and another one on out 3rd day. Champa shop is a restaurant and boutique. You can find delicious affordable halal food here. You can even stop to pray here. Just ask nicely.

Champa Muslim
Vietnamese Noodle

Super spicy super delicious Laksa Daging
I tried ther laksa daging and I love it. I'm a big fan of laksa, so I ate it without hesitation. This was my first time eating laksa daging. It contains bean sprout, meat, and delicious soup to slurp. Something delicious to try if you're here.

Happy shopping!!

Wassalam & Cheers.


  1. Where is champs Muslim ? Is it near Ben Thant market?

    1. Champa is near Ben Thanh market. It is opposite a Malay restaurant.